20-501: Deckers[edytuj | edytuj kod]

Price: $5.50
Figures: 3
Parts: 3
Overview: Two male and one female deckers, all of them human. The two males are in combat poses, one firing a Sandler TMP submachine gun and the other holding a Colt American L36 pistol at the ready. The female decker is in a more passive pose, but still armed with a pistol. The figures look good, although the only thing that gives them away as deckers are the cyberdecks they carry with them; it's no as if they're engaging in particularly "deckerish" activities. Still, a figure sitting down at a terminal is not all that exciting either.

Ral Partha 20-570 - Deckers (male & female)[edytuj | edytuj kod]

  • Contents: 2(?) figurki
  • Sculptor: R. Kerr
  • Scale: 25/28mm
  • Material: White metal alloy (lead free pewter)

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