Plan: Mała restauracja i bar
Położenie: South Jackson Street and Broadway, Downtown
LTG#: 206 (56-7184)
Właściciel: Xiem Nguyen
Uprzedzenia: Brak

This family-style restaurant offers some of the best Vietnamese food in the city. The owners are friendly folk who often mention their country's troubles and how grateful they are to have come to Seattle. The excellence of the food, which the unsuspecting may find quite spicy, is well worth any delay in getting a table. Bring your breather because the air conditioner is often broken or malfunctioning.

>>>>>[Many people are of the opinion that Xiem Nguyen is the leader of the Red and Yellow Seoulpa Ring responsible for the assassination of Wayne Olson of the district zoning commission.]<<<<<
-Smiley (12:58:41/11-21-50)

>>>>>[It is hard to imagine Mr. Nguyen as the leader of some gang. He is a short, balding man who lost his right arm while fleeing the Vietnamese government. He barely knows City Speak, let alone English.]<<<<<
-Max Matrix Walker (19:17:49/12-25-50)

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