A Star Is Dead Edytuj

Source: Shadowland Volume #4, August 1996
Author: Chris Hussey
Page: 46
Edition: any
Plot: When a simsense star comes to town for a promotional tour, the runners get hired to be her bodyguards. As someone is attempting to assassinate the star, this is probably a good thing. The runners will get to go to expensive parties, signing sessions, fancy clubs, and more, fending off several attacks aimed against the star they're protecting. In the mean time, they might find out who is actually behind these attacks (a competitor) and who is helping the attackers (the star's manager). If they can keep her alive for two days, everything will be fine; if they can't, they may catch some flak from the media over it.
Thoughts: It's a simple run, but one that can be good fun for the players as they get to rub shoulders with the rich and famous when they're doing their jobs. Unfortunately, only the first day of the adventure is detailed in the magazine, the second day being "left up to the gamemaster" to fill in. Not a big problem, but in my opinion it's a bit of a cheap way out...

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