Aina Dupree is a mysterious elven woman with dark skin and white hair of indeterminate age. She is the vice chairperson of the Draco Foundation and handles the foundation's business when Nadja Daviar isn't around. Due to the busy schedule led by Ms. Daviar, Aina runs the foundation on a day-to-day basis.

Much of her past is unknown, and still more of it is shrouded in rumors. She is reportedly Anna Sluage, who became the Countess of Arran by purchasing the defunct earldom sometime around the turn of the 21st century. She's lived in a small house on the estate since then, which places her age to be at least 80 years or more. Due to her eccentricities and her secluded past, she appears to be a magnet for rumors ranging from the strange to downright silly. It is rumored that she is close friends with the likes of Lugh Surehand, Ehran the Scribe, Aithne Oakforest, Ghostwalker, and Lofwyr, as well as connections with folks high up in the government of Tir na nOg. Another rumor in art circles is that Rembrandt painted her portrait, which would mean she is at least 500 years old. She was given her current position at the Draco Foundation by one of Dunkelzahn's bequests in his will.

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