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Alamos 20,000 is a terrorist group that focuses on anti-metahuman agendas. Their modus operandi is bankrolling and executing large scale terrorist hate crimes against non-Human metatypes. It appears to be an Illuminati-type organization with several “key members” and personal agendas that split into various cells.

The first broadcast from Alamos 20,000 came into public light two hours after a napalm strike on New Visions, Ohio, on June 23, 2036. The following text was dropped into various major media and news organizations:

“we are the real man—the man the ork skum luvverz wanta keep down but cant, they gonna die an burn in flamez like in hell like god sed all demunz gonnaburn. Ohyo just the begining. Its the bomb made them, the big bomb like the fraggin injunz got a bomb too and they give it to the injunz so they gotta burn like in hell. twenty thouzund soljerz all got flameing swordz like anjelz and the orkz an elfz and other mettaskum all will burn like in Ohyo. we are Alamos like the bomb come from. ALL rememeber the Alamos. twnty thouzund.”

Since then, Alamos 20,000 has claimed responsibility for hundreds of terrorist attacks. The most famous attack is probably the bombing of the Sears Tower on February 10, 2039, which destroyed several city blocks of Chicago as the Sears Tower collapsed. Very few members have been apprehended, and it remains one of the most elusive and deadly terrorist groups in the Sixth World.

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