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Seria Aliens Edytuj

Lata: 1979, 1986, 1992, 1997
Reżyserzy: Ridley Scott, James Cameron, David Fincher, Jean-Pierre Jeumet
Gwiazdy: Sigourney Weaver & inni
- Zwalczanie bugów gunami. Starczy?
- W Decydującym starciu widać Sentry Gun

Aliens - scenariusz KLiknij M56 Smart Gun

List of Conceptual WeaponsEdytuj

As noted below, the weapons in Aliens seemed to be mostly based around updated versions of modern armaments. Indeed, the two main weapons in the film were built around the basic frames of existing weapons:

  • M-41A pulse rifle with underslung 30mm grenade launcher — the basic armament of the Colonial Marines, this was, as mentioned in the Trivia section, actually a remodelled Thompson submachine gun with a Franchi SPAS 12 pump-action shotgun welded beneath the barrel to act as a grenade launcher. In the film, the M-41A was portrayed as a compact, angular assault rifle with an impressive rate of fire, using 10mm caseless explosive-point ammunition. It is seen in action in the Colonial Marines' various confrontations with the aliens, not to mention Ripley's epic battle through the Atmosphere processor towards the end, and has significant stopping power — enough to blow an alien in two with a single burst.
  • M-56A2 Smartgun — based on a modified MG-42 general-purpose machine gun, this was the Colonial Marine's tactical heavy support unit, and was portrayed as an auto-targeting computerized chain gun steadied by a suit-mounted battle mounting (actually a Steadicam harness — see Trivia). It was used to devastating effect against the aliens by the two smartgunners, Vasquez and Drake, during the chaotic battle under the heat exchangers midway through the film.


  • Ammunition: M250 10 x 28 mm caseless
  • Overall length: 122 cm
  • Barrel length: 54.5 cm
  • Weight: 17.82 kg (including articulation arm and combat harness)
  • Rate of fire: 1,200 rpm
  • Capacity: 300 round drums
  • M-240A1 Incinerator — a futuristic-looking flamethrower unit, this powerful weapon was used to incinerate countless aliens during the Marines' battles and Ripley's epic Atmosphere Processor attack. Built using M16 and M203 parts, it fired a napalm compound with excellent adhesive properties but ran out of ammunition very quickly when used in extended bursts.
  • UA 571-C Sentry Gun — essentially a Smartgun with a motion sensor, set up on a tripod base. This robotic sentry gun used high-powered 10mm explosive rounds and supported extremely high rates of fire. When the Marines were sheltering in the Operations Centre, they set up four of these guns to guard the entrances. The guns destroyed dozens of aliens, but quickly ran out of ammo.
  • Shotgun — This shotgun, which resembles an Ithaca stakeout 12-gauge shotgun was used by Hicks. It is seen in the movie when Hicks pulls it off of his back inside the alien nest after the marines are forced to surrender their pulse rifle ammo. When the marines are fleeing the ambush at the alien nest, Hicks uses this shotgun and puts it into the mouth of the alien that is trying to enter the transport.
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