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Ustrój: Federation
Stolica: Hannover
Populacja: 99,700,000


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PKB (na głowę ¥): 32,000
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PKB (razem ¥): 3,19 biliona
Waluta: 2 Deutsche Mark (DM) = 1 Nuyen (¥)

1 Euro (€) = 1 Nuyen (¥)

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Zjednoczone Kraje Niemieckie, ZKN albo Niemcy (Niemieckie: Allianz Deutscher Länder, ADL, Deutschland) znajdują się w środkowej Europie. Od północy graniczy z Morzem Północnym, Danią i Morzem Bałtyckim. Od wschodu z Polską i Republiką Czeską. Od południa z Austrią i Szwajcarią a od zachodu z Francją i Niderlandami.

Po różnych problemach które pojawiły się w pierwszej połowie 21 wieku (wojny, katastrofy etc.) stara Republika Federalna Niemiec została uznana za bezużyteczny twór. Po długiej dyskusji jej następca - ZKN zostały założone w 2045.

Jest to federacja złożona z jedenastu landów (Bundesländer), trzech stoważyszonych terytoriów i trzech wolnych miast.




Political Forces[]

Foreign Relations[]

France - Military and scientific cooperation help maintain good relations, even if they were poisoned for years by the issue of SOX. Each considers the other as a much-needed and unavoidable partner. Germany views France as an economic deadweight, and France considers Germany to have a lack of central political might.


The AGS has nearly the same borders as united Germany in 1990. Only the former state of Saarland and parts of the Rhein/Mosel area are separate from the AGS as a result of the Cattenom nuclear plant meltdown. This separated part is called SOX and includes Luxembourg as well as parts of France.

The border states: In the east Poland and the Czech republic. In the south Austria and Switzerland. In the west France, the SOX and the United Netherlands. In the north Denmark.

Member States of the AGS[]

Badisch-Pfalz, bordering both the irradiated SOX and the Troll Kingdom, went through much trouble during the 21st century.
Due to massive unrest caused by the "Grand Badisch Crusade" terrorist group the city of Karlsruhe, home of the AGS Federal Constitutional Court, was placed under military law and today houses the largest Bundeswehr garrison of Germany.
Besides the traditional wine cultivation and other agriculture, Badisch-Pfalz's main employer is AG Chemie.
Besides Pomorya, Brandenburg is the most sparsely populated state of the AGS. There is almost no industry and the main sources of income for the poor inhabitants are smuggling and a little bit of tourism.
Duchy of Saxony (Herzogtum Sachsen)
The duchy started as a military dictatorship during the Euro-Wars and was turned into a monarchy when it became a member of the newly-founded AGS.
Even today the military is held in high regard in Saxony and the soldiers, though officially part of the German Bundeswehr, are sworn in on the Duke instead of the constitution and even hired out as mercenaries.
Militaristic attitude, very liberal weapon laws and a revival of duelling culture by the nobility lead to a fairly high level of violence in the duchy.
In Saxony a unique dwarven metavariant can be found: the querx. A querx resembles a regular dwarf in all aspects except the blueish skin color.
Franconia (Franken)
Franconia's main source of income is tourism. The beautiful countryside is home to various vacation and health resorts, all managed by the semi-governmental FrankenKultour AG.
The city of Nuremberg, Franconia's capital, is world-renowned for its annual international Toy Fair and the famous "Christkindlsmarkt" christmas market.
Free State of Bavaria (Freistaat Bayern)
Bavaria has traditionally been a home to high-tech industry and this remains true in the Sixth World.
While Munich, Bavaria's capital, is a melting pot of races, ethnicities and cultures, the rural population is borderline xenophobic. Race is not the issue here, being a "non-Bavarian" is the problem travellers will face.
Point of interest: The great dragon Nebelherr ("Mistlord" in English) lives on an island in the Chiemsee lake.
Free State of Thuringia (Freistaat Thüringen)
Thuringia is a "decentralised democracy" where the whole population is heavily involved in politics.
The state harbors both world-renowned technology (cyberware and optics manufacturer Zeiss) and magic (thaumaturgical courses at the universities of Erfurt and Jena).
Magic is of high value in Thuringia: Children are thoroughly tested for magical talent and even mundanes can learn magical theory in school. Besides academic magic there are also many followers of Nature Magic: the Harz mountains (with the famous Brocken) are a center of witch culture while the Kyffhäuser mountain (where emperor Barbarossa sleeps eternally according to legend) is used as a ritual place by various druidic groups (some of them belonging to the neo-fascist Runenthing).
Free State of Westphalia (Freistaat Westphalen)
Westphalia is a theocracy controlled by the German Catholic Church that split from the Vatican in 2014. It is is extremely conservative concerning magic and metahumans.
Metahumans, especially elves, face extreme racism resulting in a population that is 94% human. All magic except Christian "Theurgy" is prohibited and violators will be permanently stripped off their magical powers by special drugs.
Recently, the high number of SURGE victims appearing in Westphalia during the passing of Halley's Comet has led to tensions in the GCC and split the clergy into liberals and fundamentalists.
Aside from religion, Westphalia is the AGS's biggest food producer, especially every kind of meat.
Hesse-Hanau (Hessen-Nassau)
Hesse-Nassau is the prime vacation spot for people working in the sprawl to the south - the AGS's financial capital, Frankfurt.
The university of Giessen, Hesse-Nassau's capital, is considered one of the best in the fields of chemistry, pharmacy and medical sciences. It is heavily sponsored by AG Chemie, Zeta-ImpChem and Transys Neuronet.
Nordrhine-Ruhr (Nordrhein-Ruhr)
Nordrhine-Ruhr is dominated by the massive Rhine-Ruhr-Metroplex. It was created when the formerly separate cities of the densely populated German west fused into one giant city with a total population of over 25,000,000.
Tradionally this region has been home to industry of all kinds, especially mining and heavy manufacturing - consequently the world's biggest megacorp, Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries, is located here.
Due to the size of the Metroplex almost any kind of scenery can be found here - from skycrapers to small villages, buzzing factories to old castles, green forests to abandoned and polluted industrial areas.
North German League (Norddeutscher Bund)
The NGL was created by merging the former states Niedersachsen, Schleswig-Holstein, Bremen and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
Large parts of the North Sea coast were destroyed and polluted by the Black Tide of 2011 resulting in a deserted area mainly used by smugglers and eco-unfriendly industry. The rest of the NGL is dominated by agricorps.
The city of Hannover is the capital of both the NGL and the whole AGS, home to dozens of federal ministries and agencies. It is also the location of the Draco Foundation's German branch and the ICoMa International Computer and Matrix fair (for some time known as CyBIT, successor to 20th century CeBIT).
Württemberg is a former member state of the short-lived South German League and as a legacy anti-metahuman racism is still widespread, with the exception of giants.
Driving economic forces are the IFMU and the Württemberg Chamber of Commerce, a powerful alliance of the many small companies working as manufacturers and suppliers for the larger corporations.
While Württemberg is a very rigid and conservatice state its capital, Stuttgart, is much more liberal and has some of the AGS's most creative musicians among its population. Consequently, there is also a lot of media corp presence, e.g. DeMeKo.

Associated Territories[]

Black Forest Troll Kingdom (Trollkönigreich Schwarzwald)
At the end of the 2030ies racism in Germany's south had grown to a point where metahumans were rounded up and put into concentration camps. A resistance movement led by a troll named Berthold started to fight back, heavily using magic and guerilla warfare.
In 2043 Berthold founded the Troll Kingdom, declaring himself king Berthold I. Fighting continued until the kingdom officially joined the AGS in 2045.
The troll Kingdom is an outsider among the German states. It is sparsely populated, has almost no industry and no friends among its neighbours.
Recently, the sudden disappearance of Berthold I in 2061 sent shockwaves through the kingdom.
Duchy of Pomorya (Herzogtum Pomorya)
A small elven aristocracy centered around the island of Rügen and dominated by the noble houses Reanka, Sarentin and Teleam, Pomorya is the voice of ecological issues in Europe and the duchy invests much of its resources into the cleansing of the polluted Baltic Sea. It is also a center of Nature Magic.
Open racism against non-elves displayed by at least some parts of Pomoryan nobility has led to tensions between the duchy and its neighbours on several occasions.
Grand Duchy of Westrhine-Luxembourg (Großherzogtum Westrhein-Luxemburg)
Westrhine-Luxembourg was founded by refugees fleeing from the Cattenom meltdown's fallout. The population has an unusually high percentage of dwarves (48%), including the Grand Duke Adolphe III.
Of special interest is the Eifel region where long dormant volcanoes suddenly errupted in 2042. After the population fled nature slowly reclaimed the area. Today many unique plants and animals and rare minerals can be found there - an endless source of magical Telesma carefully harvested by the Grand Duchy.

Free Cities[]

Once Berlin was kown as "the world's greatest anarchist experiment". This endet in 2055 when a joint corporate army invaded the city.
Today only a small eastern part of the city is in anarchists' hands. The rest of Berlin is divided into sectors, each governed by a corporation. The sectors (and their controlling corporations) are Saeder-Krupp, Messerschmitt-Kawasaki, Proteus, IFMU, Renraku, Draco Foundation, Müller-Schlüter Infotech, Schering/AG Chemie, Ford/EMC and Aztechnology.
A new Berlin Wall separates the anarchist part from the rest of the city.
Frankfurt (or Greater Frankfurt, as it is also called) is Germany's financial capital, harboring the highest number of banks in the whole AGS.
Frankfurt is a pure corporate city, nearly every AAA and AA corp is present. The two most powerful are AG Chemie and the Frankfurt Bank Association who actually own most of the city.
With over 6,000,000 citizens Frankfurt is Germany's secong biggest city after the giant sprawl of the Rhine-Ruhr-Megaplex.
Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg (Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg)
Wide parts of the city sunk underwater during the floodings of 2008 and 2011 resulting in Hamburg's nickname, "Venice of the North". While most of the city is corp-controlled other parts are boderline anarchy and home to pirates and smugglers.


Germany is the largest economy in Europe. Major sectors are metallurgy, chemistry and services.
All of the Big 10 are present in the AGS, although Wuxing and Yamatetsu maintain only small offices. Saeder-Krupp is of special importance as Germany is the corp's home country.

In addition, there is a number of smaller corporations:


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A number of German-language sourcebooks have been published in Germany:

  • Deutschland in den Schatten (1992, detailing Germany in 2053)
  • Chrom & Dioxin (1996, updating Germany to 2055 and detailing Switzerland)
  • Walzer, Punks und Schwarzes Eis (1997, 2058 Germany update, along with information about Austria)
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  • Deutschland in den Schatten II (2001, compiling the information from the previous books and updating the timeline to 2062)
  • Brennpunkt: ADL (2004, timeline update to 2064, also has detailed information about Law & Order as well as everyday life in the AGS).

Of these only the first has been translated, heavily edited, to English as Germany Sourcebook.

In addition, there were also three adventure books published:

  • Schlagschatten (three adventures in Hamburg and the Rhine-Ruhr-Plex in 2053)
  • Schattenlichter (adventures in Germany and Switzerland)
  • Schockwellen (campaign detailing the background of the enigmatic Proteus corporation)

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