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Ustrój: Caliphate
Stolica: Unknown
Przywódcy: Caliph: Kalim Sa'ud
Populacja: Unknown
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The nation of Arabia was formed from Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Kuwait, United Arab Emerates, Qatar and Bahrain by the Islamic Unity Movement led by Badr al Din Ibn Eisa in 2055. Ibn Eisa choose the former King of Saudi Arabia, Kalim Sa'ud, as the first Caliph of Arabia. In return, Caliph Kalim Sa'ud made Ibn Eisa the official advisor to the Caliph.


A Caliph (خليفة, Khilafah) is the term for the Islamic leader of the Ummah (أمة), or community of Islam. Typically selected by committee, the holder of this title claims rulership over all Muslims. A Caliph differs from a Sultan (سلطان), which is an Islamic monarch ruling under the Muslim laws of shariah. Caliph literally means "Successor of the Prophet", and holds both a religious and political leadership position.


Arabia encompasses the entire Arabian Peninsula. The southern third of the Arabian Peninsula is covered by the Arabian Desert, also known as the Empty Quarter (لربع الخالي, Rub'al Khali), the largest sand desert in the world at two million square kilometers.


Corporate Presence
Saeder-Krupp (cd.84)
AFI (tw.38)
Exxoco (tw.38)
Ifrit (tw.38)
United Oil (tw.38)
Wuxing (tw.38)
Xenel-Oman (tw.38)
Yamatetsu (tw.38)

Following the collapse of the United States from the war with the NAN and the reborn UCAS defaulting on the old national debt, the House of Sa'ud and many other Saudi investors lost siginificant shares of their fortunes. Combined with the dwindling oil resources of the region, Saudi Arabia and other the pre-Islamic Unity countries found their national economies devastated. However, many megacorps entered the pre-Unity countries following Treaty of Denver and the Crash of 2029 and rebuilt the economy. In 2062, only one fourth of Arabia's GNP is in oil exports, with the country's growth tied to diversified industries such as banking, shipping, electronics manufacture, luxuries, and alternative energy technologies.

Arabia hosts many foreign companies, with the major corporate presences from the AAA corporations, Saeder-Krupp, Wuxing and Yamatetsu, along with established petrocorporations such as United Oil and Exxoco Petrochem. Arabia is also home to many indigenous multinational corporations, such as Ifrit Services, Xenel-Oman, and Arabian Future Industries.


Nation of Arabia formed from Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Kuwait, United Arab Emerates, Qatar and Bahrain, through the efforts of Ibn Eisa (yotc.53).
Saeder-Krupp corporate presence (cd.84)
Arabia's economy (tw.37)
Wuxing, Yamatetsu, United Oil, Exxoco, Ifrit, Xenel-Oman, and AFI corporate presence(tw.38)
Kuwait City has a Shadowland node in its Matrix grid (Target: Matrix.28).
The Jamil Islamyah movement runs five madrassas (schools) dedicated to teaching Awakened Muslims near Medina (sota2064.55)

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