Art Dankwalther is an eccentric billionaire (some say trillionaire) who seems hellbent on destroying Novatech piece by piece. He was a former Fuchi company man, a high-finance theorist who worked as one of Fuchi's beancounters until 2056, when he was fired by Fuchi due to cutbacks. He was turned out into the street and sank into the life of booze, BTLs, and homelessness. That would have been where the story ended had it not been for a certain bequest in Dunkelzahn's Will:

"To Art Dankwalther, I leave the sum of 34,586,224,739.58 in UCAS dollars. According to my calculations and accounting for conversion of the original currency, inflation, and a 1 percent interest per annum, this settles my debt to your ancestor for the gold piece he kindly lent me for the last meal we shared."

Amazingly enough, Art was so deep into BTLs that he did not claim the bequest until 2059, soon after Novatech rose from the ashes of Fuchi. While he was trying (and failing) to get his job back at Novatech, he was grabbed by the Draco Foundation, and after a quick confirmation of his identity, he turned from rags to riches overnight. He started living the big life among the rich and famous.

However, after a chance encounter with Richard Villiers, his mind snapped and Art Dankwalther decided that his purpose in life was to take down the employers who fired him and turned him down. He decided to get back at Fuchi through Novatech, using his considerable resources to try to tear it apart through the business he knew best, corporate takeovers and financial wizardry.

It is rumored that he is responsible for the dissolution of Tokugawa Technologies, and had a hand in the crippling of the Gunderson Corporation. If these rumors are true, then they were probably a "warmup" for the main event. He is now using his considerable financial resources to try to outmaneuver, outwit, and outplay Richard Villiers and Novatech, and he will not rest until Novatech finally is dissolved. It is rumored that Novatech has placed a five million nuyen bounty on Art Dankwalther, dead or alive. It is also rumored that Art will beat that offer if an unspecified job is done for him.

Game Over: After the Crash Edytuj

While the efforts of Art Dankwalther proved to be effective at crippling Novatech financially, he was not prepared for the next maneuver that Richard Villiers would try: the Novatech IPO, offering shares of Novatech stock to go public. Despite Dankwalther's desperate efforts to destroy Novatech before that set time, he failed. With the huge influx of cash, Villiers seized most of Art's assets in hostile takeovers. An Omega Order was approved against Art and his assets, and he was hit with a Thor shot before he could escape his hideout.

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