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Arthur Vogel is a renowned dwarven environmentalist and hotshot lawyer, who is famous for running for the Democratic Party in the UCAS Presidential Election of 2057. He owns a substantial amount of stock in Ares Macrotechnology and a board seat in that megacorporation. He was the former president of Sierra, Inc., a mainstream environmentalist group. It is rumored that he had links to various toxic ecoterrorist groups in the past.


Arthur Vogel originally hails from Ontario, and he was born during the first wave of UGE in 2014. Arthur Vogel first hit the national headlines when he won a multi-million dollar environmental settlement from Hawkshorne Chemical. In 2052, he founded the One World Association, an affiliate of the Democratic Party that focused on eco-consciousness and conservation. He ran for the Democratic Party with his running mate, the troll Gary Gray (who would later become President of Sierra Inc. after Vogel steps down), on an environmental platform. In 2057, he was given this bequest in Dunkelzahn's Will:

"To Arthur Vogel, I leave my seat on the board of Ares Macrotechnology. Read every report to which you are entitled, and judge the effects of the corporation’s actions with an open mind. I believe you will see the fundamental error of the toxic way. Carry on the good fight—this time in earnest."

He also became the president of Sierra, Inc. on Aug. 20, 2057. He maintained that position until 2059, when Leonard Aurelius sold his shares of Ares to him. He stepped down from Sierra, Inc. to focus more on moderating Ares business.

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