Awake 2062 Edytuj

Awake is a Multi-player, real-time online role-playing game based on the Shadowrun system by FASA.
Set in the year 2062, Awake takes you into the mean streets of the Seattle Metroplex, casting you as 
a Shadowrunner, a mercenary for hire by the highest bidder. We are role-play oriented, and our rp 
staff run many global, group and one-on-one quests. We also have an automated system with over 100 
quests for you to find and perform between staff run quests.

 * Based on Shadowrun 3rd Edition rules by FASA.
 * 3 Types of magic: Shamanic, Hermetic and Somatic.
 * Awakened (Magic) character can astrally project, leaving their pesky meat body behind.
 * Fully functioning vehicle, vehicle combat and rigging system.
 * Over 10,000 rooms for you to explore and role-play in.
 * Dedicated staff to help you through your problems and enhance your experience.
 * Heavily RP encouraged, with awards given for good and consistent role-play. 
 * Cyberware and Bioware to augment your physical stats.
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