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Main Entrance: Broadway Avenue East and East Harrison Street, Downtown
Construction: 2022-2030
Dimensions: 500 meters by 500 meters (Main building, 195 meters by 195 meters and 300 meters tall)
Floors: 72
Elevators: 50
Population: 5,000 permanent residents

Human: 72%
Elf: 13%
Dwarf: 2%
Ork: 11%
Troll: 1%
Other: 1%

The buildings of the Aztechnology Northwest Complex are not the largest in Seattle but they are easily the most distinct. Modeled after the religious structures of the Aztec and Mayan people of centuries past, the complex of buildings is dominated by a central pyramid of fabulous design.

The huge friezes linging the walls of the central pyramid represent and amazing technical feat. They are contructed from half-meter thick slabs of artificially grown quartz crystal. A computer-driven laser system was used to carve images of the ancient Aztec and Mayan gods and heroes into the stone. The eighty slabs weigh ten tons each and were carefully fitted into grooves on the building's frame, then sealed with special adhesives.

By day the friezes look like gray carved stone. After sundoown, however, huge lights are turned on behind the carving, bringing the gray stone figures suddenly to life with white and amber illumination. All night long tourists crowd the dirigibles and helicopters that offer a chance to view the wondrously illiminated frieze as a whole.