The expression BMW/Saeder-Krupp refers to the corporate group built by french businessman Michel Beloit around the German automotive maker BMW who evolved into the Saeder-Krupp megacorporation after the great dragon Lofwyr took charge and reorganized the group.

After BMW acquired both Saeder group (Saeder Strategic Industries and Saeder Munitions) and the [Krupp|Krupp group]] (Krupp Industries, Krupp Specialist Engineering,...), Michel Beloit established the Saeder-Krupp holding which became the financial backbone of the company, while BMW, Saeder and Krupp were remaining nominally separate parent company and subsidiaries of the group. It's Saeder-Krupp quotation on public market, with a lot less visbility than for BMW, who allowed Lofwyr to take control of the whole group.

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