Położenie: Beverly Park Road and 117th Street SW, Everett
LTG#: 3206 (72-3972)
President: Jay W. Bicson
Uprzedzenia: Brak

Bicson is a small pharmaceutical company that specializes in producing drugs to ease a patient's physical assimilation of cyberware.

>>>>>[The most interesting rumors about Bicson say that the company has developed a drug that may allow implantation of organs not perfectly tissue-matched with the patient's. Street and Matrix sources say that the company has been secretly giving samples of the drug to illegal body shops in Everett in exchange for data on the drug's effectiveness. They do this to get around tough government restrictions against testing experimental drugs on humans.]<<<<<

Bicson is a pharmaceutical manufacturer and research lab that specializes in drugs and compounds related to cyber-implant procedures and maintenance, mainly immunosuppressants, viral nano, synthesized hormones like beta-endorphins and some bioware like artificial glands. They did well in the bioware boom in the mid-2050s, but not well enough to keep them from being gobbled up by one of the bigger fish in the pond. Cross Biomedical quietly bought out Bicson in 2055 and made it a subsidiary of Cross Advanced Technologies. The company continues to put stuff out under the Bicson name and logo, but upper management answers to Cross Biomed in Boston, and then to the head office in Montreal.

>>>>>[Not too many years ago, Bicson developed an experimental drug called Cybertram. It was supposed to ease the introduction of cyberware and other implants into the body, reducing the overall systemic shock and immunoresponse.
The drug never reached the market, despite extensive testing and analysis. Most people assumed the project was a failure, one of the reasons Bicson was vulnerable to a buyout bid. Personally, I think Cybertram was the reason Cross Corp bought the company, so they could keep the drug to themselves for the time being.]<<<<<

-Nuyen Nick

>>>>>[Interesting theory, Nick, but why keep something like that a secret when you can make a drekload of cred selling it on the open market? Every maker of cyberware and every clinic in the world would want some. What’s the advantage of keeping it to yourself?]<<<<<

-The Keynesian Kid
“Greed is Good.”

>>>>>[I think I can offer one possibility. I run a body shop in Everett, and I was involved in some of the secret Cybertram “field testing” that Bicson conducted in its effort to gain FDA approval. The drug trials showed an amazing overall decrease in post-operative trauma and complications from implantation, but the subjects all wound up with the same kind of disassociative dementia. They eventually lapsed into a coma and died. Bicson covered up the whole thing, but Cybertram didn’t live up to its press.]<<<<<

-Doc Slash

>>>>>[Slash, the symptoms you describe sound like the effects of cybermancy: people get “disconnected” from the world and have to be constantly reminded to keep living. I wonder how Cybertram would work in conjunction with the IMS unit and other countermeasures used in cybermancy.]<<<<<


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