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Typ: Gang uliczny
Teren: Puyallup
Kolory: czarny i złoty
Rasa: Orki

Gang orków Black Rains kontroluje większą część Carbonado. Ich kolory to czarny i złoty. Przywódca gangu to leader is a wily ork named Billy Mura, whose half-Japanese heritage gives him the faintly blue-tinted skin and protuberant eyes of an oni (a Japanese ork). I’ve heard rumors that Mura is the illegitimate child of someone high up in the Seattle yakuza, but so far I’ve seen no evidence of any connection.

The Black Rains run protection rackets in Carbanado, along with a brisk smuggling and chip-dealing business. They also control the district’s vice market (all that’s worth controlling, anyway). The clannish nature of the neighborhood has shut out most of the syndicates, allowing the gang to flourish.

>>>>>[The Black Rains have ties with the Cascade Ork tribe and are part of the Orks’ smuggling network. The Rains use their tunnels to warehouse goods until they’re ready to move them into Auburn or Tacoma. It’s a pretty smooth operation. If you have an ork to vouch for you, the Rains might let you hide out down in the tunnels for a while. I’ve done it, and I can tell you the orks have expanded the original mining tunnels a lot.]<<<<<
-Rigger X