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The Blood Kite is a small member of the hawk family, with a wingspan of about 0.75 meters and a body length of 0.2 meters. It has brown plumage with red patches on the wings, said to resemble spilled blood.

The blood kite feeds on mice, young rabbits, and other small ground dwelling animals. Male blood hawks tend to aim for the eyes, and have increased aggressiveness and viciousness during the mating and brooding seasons.

The blood kite is native to the northern and central regions of North America, with a distribution across the Pacific Northwest, the old United States Midwest, and the old provinces of Canada.

This small hawk has brown feathers with red patches on the wings that are said to resemble spilled blood. It also has a sharp, hooked beak and powerful talons, which males use most often to strike at the eyes of their prey.

B: 1
Q: 5 x 5
S: 1
I: 1/4
W: 2
E: 6
R: 5

INIT: 5 + 1D6
Attacks: 2L
Powers: Enhanced Senses (Improved Vision, Thermographic Vision)
Notes: Each time a character takes damage from a blood kite attack, roll 2D6. On a result of 12, the character has taken dam- age to an eye. To resist this damage, the character may make a Body Test against a Target Number 6 for an organic eye, 4 for a cybereye. Dermal armor does not help this test. If the char- acter rolls no successes, he or she has lost that eye.

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