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Humble offices in an anonymous building downtown belie the power and influence of Brackhaven Investments, an umbrella company that handles the various business interests of former UCAS presidential candidate Kenneth Brackhaven. Brackhaven parlayed the family fortune into a wide-reaching portfolio of investments and projects throughout Seattle, from Wordsworth department stores to Golden Lion Inns to MiniMarts and malls.

Kenneth Brackhaven is well known for his involvement in many worthwhile charities; he’s contributed funding for numerous research centers, youth havens, crisis hotlines and hospital wings; his philanthropy even extends to museum wings and gifts of ultra-rare collections. The fact that his uncle is Karl Brackhaven, president of the Seattle chapter of the Humanis Policlub, prompts many people to assume that Kenneth is also involved with that organization, but no evidence can be dug up to prove a connection—though his presidential campaign platform certainly seemed to indicate anti-metahuman sympathies.

>>>>>[ Kenneth Brackhaven is a dangerous man, with a great deal of influence in the metroplex and many friends in high places. He isn’t a power-player on the level of a Damien Knight or a Richard Villiers, but there’s hardly a major business in Seattle he isn’t involved in. Brackhaven also strongly supports Governor Lindstrom, whom he’s been paying a lot of visits lately. Rumor says he aims to be the power behind the throne.]<<<<<