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Nazwa tego hasła odnosi się do więcej niż jednego artykułu.

Czy chodziło ci o Chicago, miejsce znane jako Bug City?

Bug City (1995) Edytuj

Źródło: Gurth

Overview: Bug City deals with what happens in Chicago in the summer of 2055 and later. If you’re not a gamemaster, you might want to stay away from this book (and this overview) until your gamemaster says it’s OK for you to read it, though. As said, Bug City deals with Chicago, and as the name suggests it has something to do with insect spirits. Namely, some organizations have been secretly breeding tens or even hundreds of thousands of them underneath Chicago, and when something goes wrong, they break loose. The UCAS seals off the city, and lets nobody in or out in order to keep the problem contained. Some time later, somebody even uses a... you didn’t think I was going to tell you that, now did you? Anyway, if you’re a gamemaster and plan on throwing some nasty surprises on your players, Bug City is the book to buy: it offers a complete campaign setting, which I tend to describe as "Combine Mad Max and Alien, and then set it in Sarajevo," and because it’s totally isolated it is a gamemaster’s playground.

Concerning the artwork and layout, this is different than most people will be used to. At first, it’s a bit difficult, as it seems to attempt to give an impression of the chaos in Chicago. Once you get used to it it’s okay, though I think it could have been done a little bit better.

Rating/Comment: the book wasn’t out yet.

Bug City Edytuj

Ze strony:

FASA product number 7117
ISBN 1-55560-253-3
Cost: US$18.00, AUST$34.95
Printing 1994
Writen By Robert Cruz, Tom Dowd, Mike Nystul, Diane Piron-Gelman, Christopher Kubasik (orginal Chicago stuff)
Cover Rick "Beetle" Berry
Illustrations Tom "Bumble-Bee" Baxa, Peter "The Flea" Bergting, Joel "Bug-Eyes" Biske, Earl "The Grasshopper" Geier, Jeff "Lightning Bug" Laubensten, Larry "The Larvae" MacDougall, Jeff "Mant" Miracola.

BackCover Blurb Edytuj

"In The Darkness, Something Terrible Breeds...

For years, a shadow war has raged against the Universal Brotherhood and its savage masters - parasitic insect spirits that feed on human hosts. Now, Chicago has become the final battleground in the war against the bugs. Overrun by the horrible predators, the city has been quarantined by the UCAS military, leaving its inhabitants to fend for themselves while "other solutions" are considered. Hundreds of thousands remain trapped within the walled Containment Zone, at war with brutal gangs and ruthless warlords that rage unchecked - and the unnatural menace that threatens them all.

Bug City is a Shadowrun sourcebook that picks up where the novel Burning Bright left off. It provides a detailed description of life in the Containment Zone and includes games information on the changes in Chicao's physical and magical nature, profiles of the city's importaint residents, and expanded rules for the city's terrible ravagers - the insect spirits themselves."

At a Glance

This book suggests big, big changes in the sixth world of mankind. Downtown Chicago has been removed from the world economy, and infested with insect spirit hives. Some GMs may not wish to run a campaign where the events described in Bug City occur, others may love it. As yet I haven't worked out how I'll fit it into my campaigns.

Perhaps one bad point to Bug City is that part of it has been published before, practically word for word, in the Neo-Anarchists Guide to North America. The excuse given is that it is an old neo-anarchist posting about Chicago dug up and re-annoitated. The problems I find with this is that it seems FASA got lazy, and took an easy way out, while in game terms I doubt that in the fast moving world of Shadowrun that the best information you could find on Matrix about Chicago is five-years old.

As others have pointed out on the newsgroup <A HREF=""></A>, Bug City has other major problems, largely with the effects on the economy of Chicago, and the rest of the UCAS.

Another glaring problem is the Containment Zone itself. Here you have an area that is encircled by the UCAS military (full military, complete with a warship or two standing onhand, and possible MBT Stonewalls parked nearby onhand), yet it's apparently possible for corporations and people to get in and out of the Zone. Also, throughout Bug City we are told that the people inside the Zone have been forgotten, yet there are still food drops to those inside. It seems FASA has taken an idea, and added hack to hack to try to get it to work, all the time the hacks themselves are obvious.

Meanwhile, it's good to see Bug City has both an table of contents, and an index. Likewise, I have not found any references to 'Page XX', FASA seem to have cleaned up their proof reading.


None known (no 'Page XX' references :).

This review Copyright (C) 1995 Aaron Wigley Wigs

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