Buy-Low Foods: These guys used to be a grocery chain, which goes to show you how down on the skids this company's become. A long series of bad judgments made by the former CEO, Benton Bosworth, has made Buy-Low a tasty target for a buyout and refit by any number of companies, but the current CEO is stubbornly hanging on. They say he's looking for a way to revitalize the company and has several mavericks in the soy-production field trying to create a one-of-a-kind food to market exclusively for their chain. In the meantime, they have a lot of work ahead of them if they want to get rid of the bargain-basement one-stop rob-my-shop image.

Prices: thumbs down. In a vain effort to keep solvent, their prices have soared to the "you gotta be slottin' me" levels. The only reason why anyone actually pays those prices is sheer desperation, and the fact that over half of the Buy-Low stores never ask questions.
Speed of Service: thumbs down. The pay to work there is so low, they hire anyone they can find. Don't be surprised to see a chiphead slotting sims behind the counter.
Quality: thumbs down. The garden of Eden, this ain't.

> Buy-Low's dead in the water. Shiawase is going to buy it out.
> Screamin' Neon (14:22:19/3-12-60)

> Not if Yamatetsu doesn't get it first.
> Cherry Blossom (14:27:53/3-12-60)

> Wouldja get a load o' these two jokers wrangling over this Buy-Low mess? Makes ya kinda wonder what Buy-Low's got that
they're hot for.
> Dumpster Diver (09:42:13/3-13-60)

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