Most of Puyallup’s orks live in the eastern portion of the district, not far from the NAN border. Before the Awakening, the area was a huge strip-mine that produced tons of precious metals annually. Mining operations slowed and were later abandoned following the Rainier eruption and the Ghost Dance War. The area is dotted with deep pits, quarries and mine tunnels. The orks live in the tunnels and the remaining intact buildings, using old mining equipment to dig new tunnels and havens underground. Nobody knows for sure how far the tunnel network extends. The orks make some money selling the small amounts of metal ore they dig out of the tapped-out mines, and rumor has it they make some additional cred on the side by storing various kinds of contraband in the tunnels.

>>>>>[Some of the Carbanado tunnels extend under the border into NAN territory, which is how they smuggle stuff in past the border patrols. Grease the right palms, and you can use the tunnels to get into Salish-Shidhe and back again, if you’re careful.]<<<<<

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