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Caroline Tara Villiers is the daughter of Richard Villiers, and formerly ran the shadows under the name Rouge. She is currently being groomed to follow in the family business as an executive.

She was born in 2033 to a troubled childhood with very little attention from her corporate shark parents, who had sharp minds for business, but not parenthood. She left home at age 18, and became a rocker, associating herself with the Europe underground. She came under the influence of several rockers and policlubs in Europe, including Der Nachtmachen. She also became hooked on BTLs and simsense, and Der Nachtmachen used this influence to brainwash her and program her to attempt to assassinate her mother in 2053. The assassination was thwarted, but shattered her left hand, which was replaced with a cyberhand. She ran the shadows for a while under the name Rouge.

Eventually, she came back to the family, and was being groomed for a top executive position. Despite the strained relationship between Richard and Cara, he is genuinely proud of her now that she is turning out to be a talented corporate executive, with an ability to make ruthless decisions.