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Canis cerberi Edytuj

The Cerberus Hound is an extremely rare Awakened dog that has a unique three-headed physique. On average, it stands 1.2 meters at the shoulder and weighs 110 kilograms. The animal is solitary, and researchers know little about its behavior or habits. It is hypothesized that Cerberus Hounds are able to continue functioning should one of the heads be lost to accident or attack, but this is purely conjecture based on anatomical dissections of the Cerberus brains. It is rumored that they possess the Awakened powers of corrosive saliva, enhanced physical attributes, immunity to cold and immunity to fire. It has only been sighted in Greece and surrounding Balkan states.

The cerberus hound is a three-headed black dog standing just over a meter tall at the shoulder and weighing 110 kilo- grams. Carnivores by nature, they hunt deer, goats, and sheep, along with the occasional metahuman. They rely on their acute senses to track prey and sheer strength to pursue their prey for long distances without tiring.

B: 6 Q: 4 x 5 S: 6 C:I: 2/6 W: 4 E: 6Z R: 5

INIT: 5 + 3D6
Attacks: 8M
Powers: Concealment (Personal), Corrosive Saliva, Enhanced Physical Attributes (Strength, three times per day, for [Essence]D6 turns), Enhanced Reactions (three times per day for [Essence]D6 turns), Enhanced Senses (Improved Hearing and Smell, Low-Light Vision, Thermographic Vision), Immunity (Cold, Fire), Movement (Self Only)
Notes: Because the cerberus hound can bite with each of its three heads, one Complex Action in a Combat Turn gives it three attacks, but all of these must be made against the same target.

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