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  • Lider: Kyu
  • Terytorium: Downtown Seattle waterfront
  • Symbol: Czerwono niebieski symbol ying-yang, jak ten na koreańskiej fladze.

The Choson Ring concentrates its efforts on smuggling operations along Seattle’s dockyards, particularly in the Downtown and Everett districts. It picked up a lot of smuggling business that used to belong to the Cutters. A Korean man named Kyu runs the Ring—he survived the yakuza purge of Koreans from their ranks in 2044. Kyu has three lieutenants: An Soo, who handles the Ring’s records and computer systems; Jung-mo, in charge of logistics and shipping; and Danny Cho, the Choson’s face-man, who arranges meetings and talks to clients.

The Choson Ring hates the yakuza and are fighting with the yakuza-backed First Nations gang. This conflict is most likely the source of Kyu’s dislike of Native Americans, who aren’t allowed to join the Ring.

>>>>>[The Choson Ring practices some brutal initiation rites. Kyu is paranoid about spies and infiltrators, so prospective members of the Ring must pledge their undying loyalty under agonizing torture.]<<<<<

Choson Seoulpa Ring[]

The Choson Ring is based in the Seattle dockyards in Downtown and Everett. Their main activity is smuggling and as such they are in a turf war against the First Nations gang. The Ring also hates the Yakuza. For further details see New Seattle p.104.
Position Race B Q S W I C Reaction Initiative Essence Bio Index
Ring Member Human 5 5 6 4 6 3 10 3D6 2.8 5.8

  • Pro Rating: 3
  • Dice Pools: Combat: 9
  • Active Skills

Pistols/Submachine Guns/Shotguns/Assault Rifles: 6, Heavy Weapons/Launch Weapons: 5, Edged Weapons/Pole Arms/Staffs: 6, Unarmed Combat: 4, any vehicle: 4, Etiquette(Underworld)(Street): 3(5)(7)

  • Cyberware:

All members have a Smartlink 2, Wired Reflexes Level 2 (Alpha), Flare Compensation and Thermographic Vision

  • Equipment

The members are armed with an assortment of weapons, with the members having the appropriate skills for their particular weapon choice from those indicated above. Members wear a variety of street level armour (clothing, jackets, vests etc.)