5631: Clockwork Asylum (1997)[edytuj | edytuj kod]

Druga część trylogii Dragon Heart Saga
Autor: Jak Koke
Data wydania: październik 1997
Okładka: Doug Anderson
Shadowrun #28

Cytat na okładce:
Will the price of retaliation be too high to pay?

Burza cyber magii i politycznych intryg, które nastąpiły po zabójstwie prezydenta Dunkelzahna wymknęły się spod kontroli. Ryan Mercury, tajny agent Dunkelzahna jest rozdarty pomiędzy poczuciem obowiązku, a chęcią schwytania zabójcy. Ale kiedy duch mylnie oskarża Ryana o współpracę z wrogiem. Wybiera cyberzombi, by dokonał ataku. Teraz, z imponujacym arsenałem sprzymierzeńców, broni, oraz Smoczym Sercem, Ryan może spróbować ocalić świat - o ile najpierw nie zginie.

The maelstrom of cyber-magic and political intrigue following President Dunkelzahn's assassination rages out of control. Ryan Mercury, Dunkelzahn's secret agent, is torn between his duty and his desire to find a killer. But when a spirit wrongly concludes that Ryan is working for the enemy, he anoints a cyberzombie to carry out a hit of its own. Now with an impressive arsenal of allies, weaponry, and the Dragon Heart, Ryan just might pull off the save of the century - if he doesn't lose his life first!


Clockwork Asylum (novel)
by Jak Koke

Another winner from Mr. Koke, and most definitely a cliffhanger that will bring readers back for the final chapter, to be published early next year.

Clockwork Asylum continues the saga of Ryan Mercury's quest for the Dragon Heart, a magical artifact of inestimable power, which has currently fallen into the hands of the cyberzombie Burnout, last seen hurtling to his doom at the end of Stranger Souls. Naturally, there wouldn't be much of a story if Burnout were allowed to expire that simply, so he joins forces (albeit unwillingly at first) with the free spirit Lethe. Lethe is more than a bit peeved at Mercury for his actions involving the Dragon Heart last time it was in his possession, and since the spirit's obsession is to see the Heart safely to the hands of its intended recipient, hooking up with Burnout seems the logical thing to do. The two make a highly effective team, eventually even forging a friendship of sorts, as Mercury pursues them (and they him).

Clockwork Asylum neatly ticks along, providing a page-turner that's difficult to put down. Little nuggets of information about the Shadowrun universe (Who killed Dunkelzahn--or rather, who didn't? Who's responsible for the Horrors' threatening to make an early appearance on Earth?) are interspersed with a suspenseful cat-and-mouse story where the roles switch places several times. Told in a quick, cut-between-the-characters style, the story pulls you along to its climax, and sets up what promises to be an exciting and momentous conclusion with far-reaching ramifications for the Shadowrun universe. OCENA: 3,5 (max 4)

Ryan is back to his old self, mostly. But that's not saying things are getting any less confusing. The Dragon Heart is stolen and lost, and it must be retrieved if the world is to be saved. The cyberzombie Burnout has it, but he is partially possessed by the great spirit Lethe. And the political situation from Dunkelzahn's death is starting to get tense.

The continuation of Stranger Souls adds a bit of intrigue, and a lot of manhunting and cat-and-mouse play as Mercury and Burnout hunt each other. Not as good as the first (or the third) it is nevertheless an adequate, and neccessary, sequel.

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