20-506 (old): Corporate Contacts Edytuj

Price: unknown
Figures: 3
Publish Date: 1991
Parts: 3
Overview: A set containing three figures, two of high-level corporate types and one of a bodyguard. Starting with the latter, this is a male ork dressed in a business suit and holding a Sandler TMP submachine gun. He's well-detailed, though the weapon is poorly proportioned. The first corp type is a human woman wearing something that holds the middle between a dress and a business suit, and holding a drink in her hand. This is a good figure, although she's rather big for a woman; you might get the impression that extensive surgery has been employed here :) The other corp type is a male human, also with a drink in his hand, and wearing a kind of business suit-slash-tuxedo and sunglasses, giving the impression he's at a party. He's also nicely detailed, and can be used well as a Mr. Johnson.
Notes: The number 20-506 has now been assigned to a different set, titled "Mages."


  • Sculptor: D. Mize and D. Summers
  • Scale: 25/28mm
  • Material: White metal alloy (contains lead)

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