10-860 Corporate Dragon Edytuj

  • Stock #10-860.
  • Copyright: 1992.
  • Original price: $17.95.
Price: unknown (I paid about 50 Dutch guilders for mine, or roughly US$25)
Figures: 2
Parts: 14

Overview: A quite large model of a western dragon and a human male (the dragon's human form, according to the back of the box) that's well-sculpted but not without oddities (about which more in a moment). The dragon is standing on his hind legs, wings wide and arms raised in a pose that suggests he's casting a spell. A base is provided to allow him to keep upright without leaning on his tail, but this requires strong assembly — I don't think gluing this model together will give it the strength it needs, especially with the weight of the metal, but soldering can be quite difficult with pieces like this. A nice touch is the dragon's wristwatch, a small detail that sets it apart from other fantasy dragons. The human form is an older man with a moustache and dressed in a business suit; he could be used as any typical businessman quite well without necessarily being a dragon's "human form."

As for the oddities mentioned earlier, this mainly concerns the dragon's anatomy. It's obvious he's a western dragon (two arms, two legs, two wings — western dragon) but he has a strange kind of belly that almost makes it appear a pregnant dragon... Also the coat of feathers on his back and what appears to be long hair on his belly (it's certainly not feathers or scales) are strange features for an animal that looks a lot like a winged crocodile in the color plates in the Shadowrun first and second edition main rulebooks. Still, a pretty good figure that's good as a non-specific dragon, if you're looking for one made for Shadowrun.

Notes: this kit was introduced in 1992 and apparently went out of production only a few years later, as it's not in Ral Partha's 1994 catalog. I found mine in a discount bin in a game store, and the price quoted above is the full price before the discount was calculated in.

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