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20-510: Corporate Security Guards[edytuj | edytuj kod]

1 Orc, 4 Humans
Price: $8.00
Figures: 5
Parts: 5
Overview: Five figures, but only three different ones; all are dressed in fully-enclosing body armor with helmets, so all there is to paint are clothing and weapons. The figures are well-detailed, and four of them appear to be human with the fifth large enough to be an ork (or a really big human). The weapons they carry don't seem to be based on Shadowrun books, so what they're meant to represent is anyone's guess. One thing I didn't like about the set is that there are, as mentioned, only three poses for five figures; it makes it hard to remember which figure is which security guard if you're using them all together, but this is only a minor point about a useful set of figures to represent the opposition for shadowrunners.

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