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Na środku Jeziora Waszyngtona znajduje się Council Island, zwana kiedyś Mercer Island. Traktat z Denver ceded Mercer to the Salish-Shidhe Council for use as their embassy in Seattle (UCAS territory, as you recall, therefore foreign). The Native Americans renamed the island and heavily renovated it, tearing down most of the original buildings and replacing them with Salish-style structures, as well as restoring the island’s flora and fauna.

Council Island is accessible via the I-90 highway bridge or ferry from Downtown or Bellevue. Pillboxes located at both I-90 exits protect it from unauthorized intruders, and visitors must undergo extensive security checks and even searches for contraband and weapons before they’re allowed to set foot on the island.

The island’s three thousand inhabitants are mostly diplomats and their families from Salish-Shidhe and other Native American lands. The rest are rangers and scientists who care for the island’s wildlife. The only non-natives are translators, diplomatic attachés and others vital to the functioning of the embassy.

>> “So why visit Council Island?” you ask. Good question For one thing, the island, like any other foreign embassy, sees its share of espionage and shadow activity. The Salish-Shidhe are not above hiring shadowrunners to take care of some of their interests in the metroplex. Council Island is also sovereign territory in the middle of Seattle, which means that the metroplex authorities and Lone Star have no jurisdiction there. The Salish-Shidhe have an extradition treaty with Seattle, but you can seek sanctuary on the island in spite of that agreement, especially if you have contacts in the SSC diplomatic lodge. Lastly, of course, corporations and certain people in the metroplex government want to know what’s going on in the Grand Council Lodge and the ambassador’s office … and they’ll pay well for the information.<<
- Nuyen Nick

>> The Medicine Hollow Lodge on Council Island is one of the finest shamanic lodges in the Seattle area, with totem poles carved to honor the spirits and totems of the Salish and other Council tribes. Non-resident shamans can sometimes use the lodge for their own magical work, provided they obtain permits from the Grand Council Lodge in advance and grease a few palms to ensure discretion. For the right price, you can also wrangle passes into SSC territory to gather talismongering materials; the island is an excellent source for such commodities if you’re willing to look.<<
- Black Eagle

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  • Council Island Inn - Luksusowy nadmorski hotel, zarezerwowany dla dyplomatów i gości ambasadorów

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  • Aquaculture Lodge - hodowla ryb i restocking facility
  • Eagle Lodge - Ptaszarnia hodująca rzadkie orły, jastrzębie i sokoły, które wypuszcza się na wolność
  • Medicine Lodge - A clearing decorated with totem poles and dedicated to the patron totems of the Salish
  • Museum Lodge - Pacific Northwest Native American history

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