The small town of Monroe, along the Salish-Shidhe border north of the Snoqualmie River, became the epicenter of the worst air disaster in Seattle history when a spaceplane carrying Corporate Court Justice David Hague crashed there in 2059. The explosion and resulting fires leveled the landscape in a nearly three-kilometer radius, killing most of the area’s few thousand inhabitants.

Among other things, the crash did major damage to the nearby Seattle Metroplex Reformatory. The reformatory was in pretty bad shape even before Hague’s plane took a header, and the crash and resulting fires pretty much destroyed the prison’s systems. Hundreds of rioting inmates wrecked everything left standing after that. A mass jailbreak left most of the prison guards and staff dead and the remaining prisoners in control of the facility, which is now the largest intact building near the crash zone. Metroplex Guardsmen and teams from Franklin Fire Services managed to contain the physical damage from the crash. Before Governor Schultz could decide what to do about the damaged areas, she disappeared inside the Renraku arcology, and Governor Lindstrom had more important things to worry about than massive destruction in an outlying area of Seattle’s worst slums. Squatters quickly moved into the burned and devastated area.

Former inmates of the Reformatory, led by a heavily cybered human who calls himself “King Chrome,” quickly claimed control over the whole Crash Zone and began scavenging whatever they could from the ruins. The zoners fiercely defend their territory using weapons from the former prison, but they let squatters set up in the area as long as the newcomers recognize King Chrome’s authority.

> There’s no doubt that some of the spaceplane’s components survived the crash and were buried deeply enough to survive the fires that consumed the bulk of the wreckage. The zoners spend a lot of time trying to dig them up … and Novatech and other corps are very interested in knowing what they’re finding.

> Silicon Surfer

> Astral space in and around the Crash Zone is almost as fragged up as it is near the toxic wasteland of Glow City. I’d advise Awakened-types to be careful around there.

> Wiz Kid

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