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Cross Applied Technologies
Wartośc AAA
Centrala firmy Montreal, Quebec
Prezes/CEO Dr. Lucien Cross
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Cross Applied Technologies[]

Zasoby CATCO oraz wyniki finansowe wzrosły w ciągu ostatnich kilku lat, razem z nabyciem i rozwojem fabryk oraz sieci sprzedaży. Spółka zaczyna działać na własny rachunek, zamiast żyć z udzielanych innym firmom licencji, chociaż powiązania z Saeder-Krupp i Aztechnology są cześte i widoczne. Było także kilka przypadków konkurencji pomiędzy ekspansjonistyczną polityką Aresa i Crossa.
Rozwój szybko przyniósł Crossowi owoce; firma osiągnęła pozycję lidera w branży komputerowej, elektroniki, medycyny, i technologii cybernetycznych. Pozycja spółki na tych polach miała widoczny, negatywny wpływ na początek (MATT: kariery?) w Quebecu, ale także skusiło wielu młodych absolwentów, szzególnie z Francji.
Plotki mówią o nielegalnych operacjach i manipulowaniu rządami przeprowadzanych dla CATCo przez grupę zywaną "the Seraphim." Dowody dotyczące ich działania oraz dokładniejszych danych są niedostępne opinii publicznej.

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Headline text[]

President/CEO: Lucien Cross
Headquarters: Montreal, Republic of Quebec
Seattle Division: Cross Advanced Electronics, Cross Plaza, 3600 Evergreen Way, Everett
Division Head: Nicholas Aurelius

Cross Advanced Electronics, Seattle’s branch of Cross Applied Tech, began constructing its Seattle facility in 2056. CAE handles the corporation’s advanced elec tronic hardware production, including computers, simsense players and recording decks and various home electronics and appliances.

Initially, Lucien Cross’ nephew Bernard ran the division. Bernard had a reputation as a privileged corporate dandy with nowhere near enough business sense to make it through the minefield of corporate politics. Cross may have put Bernard in charge of CAE to get him to shape up, or may have hoped the experience would make something out of him, but Bernard consistently bungled his assignments. Only his uncle’s supervision kept him from running the division into the ground.

Finally, Cross lost patience and called Bernard back to Montreal—ostensibly promoting him to “executive assistant to the president,” but in truth demoting him to Uncle Lucien’s towel boy. In Bernard’s place, Cross hired Nicholas Aurelius. Yup, the son of Leonard Aurelius, former Chairman of the Board of Ares Macrotechnology, now sits on the Cross Corp board. Apparently Aurelius and the Seraphim (Cross Corp’s black-ops division) engineered Nicholas’ extraction from Ares around the same time daddy Leonard divested himself of his Ares stock and decided to back Damien Knight’s other worst enemy.

The Cross Advanced Electronics building is a monument to modern engineering and design, with heavy marble-clad walls and mirrored armor-glass, topped with the corporation’s golden cross logo. Security is mostly electronic, with sensor grids, motion detectors and numerous maglock-equipped checkpoints controlled by retinal and voiceprint scanners. The electronics are backed up by trained security guards armed with tasers and other stun weapons.

>>>>>[The guards also carry regular sidearms and have permission to use them if the stun weapons don’t down take an intruder in the first shot. Cross Corp prefers to take intruders alive, but neutralizing the threat is the first priority.]<<<<<
-Wraith II

>>>>>[The CAE building also has a SOTA rigged security system, manned 24-7. The security rigger is linked to the sensors and systems throughout the building and can “sense” anything they can. The rigger is also in charge of coordinating counter-intrusion measures in the building, communicating with security guards and controlling the systems to capture or incapacitate intruders.]<<<<<

>>>>>[I’m sure Nick Aurelius is a capable businessman, but he’s mighty young to be running a division as large as CAE by himself. Either the deal was a favor to Nick’s dad for the money he poured into Cross Corp or old Lucien just likes messing with Damien Knight’s head (possibly both).]<<<<<
-Errant Knight

>>>>>[Nice little host system. Not as killer as, say, Mitsuhama or Renraku, but a tough nut to crack. The Cross Corp system uses a lot of ice, focusing heavily on trace-type drek. The system takes a quiet approach to handling counter-intrusion; you may not even know you’ve been tagged until a couple weeks later, when a Seraphim agent corners you in a dark alley and makes it clear that Cross Corp knows all about you and, if you expect to keep your wetware intact, you’ll be doing them a little favor now and again. After Tentimes made that mistake, we had to burn him out of the circuit. I still miss him sometimes.]<<<<<
-The Dead Deckers Society “In Kibo We Trust”

>>>>>[News flash! Who should I see visiting the Draco Foundation’s Seattle headquarters the other day but a fixer who goes by the name Angelique. She works (or worked) for the Seraphim and as a corporate Johnson for Cross Corp. Now I wonder what could be going on between Cross and the DF?]<<<<<

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