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według GurthaEdytuj

Cybertechnology - A Shadowrun Sourcebook (1995) Edytuj

Author: Tom Dowd
Number: 7119 [1-55560-267-3]
Price: $15.00
Pages: 102
Sections: Introduction, Part 1: Cyberware, Welcome To The Cutting Edge, Life On The Wire, Comfortably Numb, Cyberware Rules, Part 2: Cybermancy, Beyond The Pale, Cybermancy, Magic And Death, Cybermancy Rules, Chrome Kings, Tables, Index
Overview: this is the book that those who love the Street Samurai Catalog and especially Shadowtech will want to own. The first part of the book follows a street samurai named Hatchetman as he recovers from a near-fatal incident, with him describing how and why he got his cyberware, followed by a catalog-type section with new cyberware—things from lights in your eyes to cyberarms with built-in gyromounts—although it suffers (IMHO) from the Shadowrun attitude of only including things that have a direct use in the game. A few are also a bit over the top, like the oral weapons and the extra arm. Then there’s expanded rules covering just about everything involved with cyberware; this section has some rules that appeared in previous books, and gives yet another system for cyberware damage (Shadowtech still has the best one, if you ask me). There is no new bioware in this book, by the way.
The second half of the book talks about cybermancy: getting more than 6 Essence points’ worth of cyberware, without dying and without using alpha or higher grade ’ware. This has some inherent risks, and is very hard to get, but it can be done. It seems to me like this will mostly be a gamemaster’s tool, though. Then there is a chapter with some Prime Runners-type characters who all have lots of cyberware, and a table with all the cyber- and bioware that has appeared in Shadowrun books.
Rating/Comment: not available.

Basically it's a bunch of new cyberware some fiction about this street sam character of this guy that the FASA writers know, and how you can now cram more than 6 pts of essence worth of cyber into a PC. The 1st section of the book is a fiction account from a street sam, Hatchetman. Gives insight into how he feels about his cyber, how he got it, how it made him better and different. Also the fiction talks about how he's been remade into a cyber machine, and is a totally different body and his mind's all warped and blah blah...It's got some interesting ideas that you can model your street sam char on, and it gives a fictional 1st hand account of what's going on with the new super cyber-soldiers. Much of the rules and cyberware mentioned in this book isn't something that I think is all that valuable, and it's hardly come into play in my games. Thinks like magnetic cyberlimbs, and guns in cybereyes aren't all that appealing. The move-by-wire system is to wired reflexes as wired reflexes are to boosted ones. MBW costs like 3mil nuyen, so I doubt I'll ever play with someone that has a char with such mods. Also, there are some extra rules and tips about minor things, but they give a little more info and make it a little more realistic. An example of this is the added explanation of damage done to dermal plates, and how to heal it. It seems that there's more fluff than substance, and lots of empty white space, trying to trick you into thinking that there's really 100 pages of info there. The book is loaded with artwork, but none of it all that impressive. I value the quality and the quantity of the pictures in the sourcebooks so it can help stir the imaginations of the people that are new to roleplaying, or new to Shadowrun. The one good thing about the images is that there were no color plates. I'm always let down by the color pages. I could guess that 90% of all the information in this book is unusable to my campaigns. The 2nd fiction section about how exactly the magic is used to make char's have negative essence so they can hold more cyberware is crap.

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