Położenie: Fifth Avenue and Madison Street, Downtown

LTG#: 206 (52-8016)
Właściciel: Dante Passini
Uprzedzenia: Brak

Designed to resemble the poet Dante's vision of Hell, this club is in a class by itself. Nine, huge glass dance floors pulsate with energy while four ramps spiral downward, eventually leading to the bottom level, a private room marked "Hell".

>>>>>[This is THE place to see and be seen in Seattle.]<<<<<

Club Penumbra may be the number one spot with shadowrunners in Downtown, but Dante’s Inferno is the number one nightclub in the whole metroplex. The towering club is a testament to the vision (some say madness) of its owner, Dante Passini, who has similar clubs in London and Hong Kong. Nine huge glass dance floors pulsate with light and the hottest dance music; around them, four ramps spiral down to the lowest level of the club, known as “Hell.” The Inferno is frequented by Seattle’s beautiful people; these movers and shakers follow a complex pecking order, demonstrated by who is welcome on which floor to run with the “right” crowd.

>> Private rooms in Hell are available to patrons for the right price, and privacy is ensured by white-noise generators and magical wards. Dante charges upwards of 1,000 nuyen for a night in Hell. Through its yakuza connections, the club can provide any additional “entertainment” customers might want, which is not included in the base price. Johnsons looking for complete privacy often make use of Hell. Hmmm. I’m dyin’ to make a sarcastic comment about paying for being in Hell, but there’s so little religion out there any more that I doubt anyone would get the joke.<<
-Connie Connoisseur

>> Vice-peddlers in the metroplex do a lot of their downtown business at the Inferno. Illegal chips change hands discreetly, along with secret passwords to vice dens, prostitution deals and similar activities. The club tolerates it so long as it keeps the customers happy and the “businessmen” mind their manners. Both the Mafia and the yakuza know not to cause trouble in Dante’s. The small fry who tried it ended up regretting it.<<

-Night Dancer

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