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Dziesięciominutowa wojna pomiędzy Libią i Izraelem w 2004. Libia zaatakowała Izrael bronią chemiczną, żydzi odpowiedzieli bombardowaniem atomowym, które zmazało Libię z mapy. Egipt wchłonął resztki nieradioaktywnych ziem Libii, a byli mieszkańcy uciekli do obozów dla uchodźców w całej Afryce i Bliskim Wschodzie.

Kilkadziesiąt lat później dwie korporacje dowiedziały się o nowej technologii militarnej, która czekała, ukryta, w jakimś laboratorium w Libii.
Obie wysłały swoje zespoły, których zadaniem było pozyskanie nowej technologii.
Żołnierze obu korporacji spotkali się i zaczęła się walka. Media zwęszyły niusa cały świat obejrzał bitwę . Słupki popularności wskazywały, że właśnie tego chcieli widzowie.

Wtedy korporacje zdały sobie sprawę, że więcej zarobią na transmitowaniu walk swoich oddziałów wojsk i ochrony, niż na jakimś śmieciu zakopanym w ruinach.(jak należało się spodziewać, przedmiot całego tego zamieszania eksplodował podczas bitwy).


W zbiorze opowiadań Into The Shadows jeden z bohaterów jest weteranem Desert Wars

Pułkownik Ziemann to były zawodnik Ares Arms. Nagrany Desert Challange VI (program telewizyjny Pustynne Wyzwanie) z 2051 roku.

  • tytuł MVS (Most Valuable Soldier) (nawiązanie do innych sportów takich jak koszykówka lub futbol ameryński - tam też przyznaje się tytuł Najbardziej Wartościowego Zawodnika - MVP. MVS/Most Valuable Soldier - Najbardziej Wartościowy Żołnierz)

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Desert wars are a multi-purpose wargame exercise. They are used to settle disputes between corps and
govornments, test out new tactics and equipment, and make money by broadcasting it on the trid for
the paying customer to view. Live ammo can be used, but it does not nessesarily have to be. They
can use laser target designators on their weapons to recird a "kill" on a computer and that soldier
has to drop. I miss anything, anyone? Chime in.

Ancient History:

In essence? It began when two companies who could not come to an agreement any other way deployed
their respective military forces in the middle of a wasteland and proceeded to beet the crap out of
each other. Of course, someone filmed it, sold the ratings for millions of nuyen, and now the AAAs
battle it out on a regular basis in some of the most godforsaken part sof Libya (coming soon: other
hot spots from Target: Wastelands!)

Yes, they use live ammo and magicians and tanks. Yes, some corps still use it as a way to come to an
agreement over somthing. No, I don't think they're allowed to use chemical or biological warfare
(beyond, say, white phosphorous grenades and paracritters); nor is it likely they use nukes, neutron
bombs, orbital lasers or thor shots.


Desert Wars are explained and detailed in the sourcebook Target: Wastelands (appropriately in the
Deserts chapter of the same). They are part-War games, part live-fire training exercises, part
tridshow and part duelling system for the megacorps and merc companies. Until recently they were
fought in the Libyan wastelands although a Desert Wars 2 franchise will be setting up shop in
central Asia for the 2063/64 season.


Desert War is like sport: a season each year, with some pre-season matches, and a Championship
phase. The three league ar the Desert Challenge, the Mercenary Challenge and the Open League. The
Desert Challenge's season is four month long, during wich corporate forces stay in the field. Only
AA and AAA megacorps can participate. With the Mercenary Challenge it's all in the name, with a one
million nuyen prize for the first, half a million for the second. The Open Challenge welcomes corps,
merc and very occasionally states for a two million nuyen prize, though so far it has always been
for a corp. Most matches are made with gel rounds and other most-of-the-time-non-lethal fire. Two
opponents may agreed to fight with real ammo, and since 2058 the Desert Challenge Championship match
at the end of the season have always been for real.

Then you have the unpublicized "Desert Wars" between local factions. They are really fighting for
tracks of sandy land, ressources and so on, as randomly as real war is. All are in fact backed by
megacorps. When two corps settle a dispute through the military duel, it enters that category, done
with real ammo and staying unpublicized.

Hot Wheels

AH summed it up best. It started out as a real stand up fight between two corps, taking place where
there was nothing of value to trash, and the recorded reports got such great ratings that they
started filming it and fighting like some competative sport. the corps get to test their own
military gear, their people and the oppositions' stuff(Hey, that new sentinal system Cross has over
at their Belvue office I saw that on TV look out!) and making a huge profit on the tapes. It even
counts as free advertising.

If you want detailed info on Desert Wars pick up a copy of Target: Wastelands. Lots of good stuff in
there especially on the history and current status of the Dester Wars.

Basically it takes place in post-nuked Libya and is a showcase for new weaponry/tactics and
corporate/government military might. It can also be used as a stage for settling inter-corp/
government disputes in a non-lethal or lethal, but structured military fashion.

Frag-o Delux

They are wars fought between corporations to test new products and get endorsements for TV. They are
fought in North African around the nuked out Lybia. They are fought for the hell of it, soem things
include weapons testing among other things, training, and score settling, if corp A pises off corp B
they duke it out in the desert. And if you get Sprawl Survival Guide it will tell you more. Also I
am sure a lot of other people will be here to tell you more.

EDIT Reaver maybe right, I thought it was in SSG, but it may be in T:WL i can't find my SSG.
EDIT the RE-EDIT: Just checked T:WL it is in there


And they're just starting up Desert Wars 2 in the Gobi Desert, as well.
Kanada Ten

It's more like MTV's the Real World and Road Rules meets Operation Desert Storm and World Football
Champianships mixed into Coke-a-Cola commercial. Live ammo is often reserved for special events or
the finals. To crank up the ratings and such.
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