Typ: Gang uliczny
Teren: Downtown
Kolory: niebieski i zielony
Rasa: Orki

The Disassemblers - The «Disassemblers» are probably the outright nastiest gang in Downtown. They operate out of South Seattle, where they control a brisk organ trade. Gang members are mostly orks and trolls, with a small number of humans and dwarfs. They paint or tattoo their faces like white skulls, and wear a white skull-badge as their emblem.

Trolls of the Disassemblers gang chased after the 15 years young «First Nation» ganger Dennis Falk aka Falcon in a night in October 2053 for no other reason than the one, that he accidentially crossed their territory, even without wearing his colors. (And in 2053 they weren't at war with the «First Nation»!) 1 Also they were responsible of the attack on the mother of the shadowrunner Jack Skater in her flat, were they killed the innocent women and hurted the fixer Kestrel badly. Later Jack Skater had an other fight with the Disassemblers, were he became badly hurt himself, so that he needed the treatment of a good streetdoc and some replacement-cyberware. 2

They run illegal chop shops and move body parts obtained from hospitals and "donors" through the area. They are known to have deals with Tamanous, which makes them rivals to the «162s» ghoul-gang from the Redmond Barrens.


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