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  • Leader: Karen Pok Moon
  • Territory: Bellevue
  • Symbol: A dove holding an arrow in its claws.

The Divine Revenge Ring operates out of Bellevue and works though blackmail, influence peddling and fencing.
The Ring was founded by Karen Pok Moon, a secondgeneration citizen of Korean yakuza heritage. As near as we can determine, her family was killed during the Korean purge. Pok Moon’s ties to Tian Campbell, the former mayor of Bellevue, allowed her Ring to prosper in that district. By the time Campbell’s connections to the Ring were exposed, Divine Revenge was well-entrenched in the Bellevue underworld. This Ring is strongly antiyakuza and has made attempts on the lives of several known yakuza in Bellevue and elsewhere.

> That’s a candidate for understatement of the century.
The Divine Revenge Ring was founded for the express purpose of destroying the yakuza in Seattle. The Ring’s other activities are just sidelines to Karen Pok Moon’s obsession with vengeance against the syndicate that killed her family.
The Ring doesn’t have a prayer of bringing down the yakuza, but they have managed to do some damage, and I’m sure the Watada-rengo will try to use them against Shotozumi sooner or later (or vice versa).
> Archangel

> Tian Campbell is Karen Pok Moon’s lover and her lieutenant in the Ring. From what I’ve heard, Campbell actually tried to convince Moon to give up her revenge kick and go straight. Unfortunately for his argument,the yakuza wanted to hit Divine Revenge operations in Bellevue, so they leaked word to the media of Campbell’s Ring ties and ruined his political career. Now both Moon and Campbell want to kill Hanzo Shotozumi with their bare hands. Revenge breeds revenge.
> Violet

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