20-549: Doc Wagon & Driver Edytuj

Price: $15.50
Figures: 1
Parts: 25
Overview: This is not so much a set of figures as it is a kit of a DocWagon™-modified RoadMaster ambulance, with a driver included. The ambulance is cast as separate parts for the chassis, underside, hull sides, front, rear, and roof, plus four wheels, two doors, a floor hatch (?), five firing ports, a twin machine gun turret, and the driver. This means that, unlike most vehicle kits to go along with 25 mm figures, the ambulance is hollow, and if you leave the roof removable you can place figures inside. The hull underside, chassis, and roof parts are cast in resin, while the rest is in metal. For assembly, I'd recommend two-part epoxy glue, as this is stronger than superglue. There was some warpage on my model, on both the metal and the resin parts, but this could be straightened out easily by carefully bending the metal parts back into shape, while the resin ones were heated with a hair dryer until they were soft enough to "un-warp" (note that this can take a while; you'll want to set the hair dryer to its highest position, and hold the re-shaped parts under cold, running water to "set" them). By the way, these are typical problems that are to be expected with metal and resin kits, and by no means peculiar to this model. Before gluing anything together, check and double-check that the parts fit as flush as you can get them, to avoid problems later on. That means doing lots of dry-runs to figure out how everything goes together, and a small instruction sheet with an exploded diagram would have helped tremendously here. I would also recommend fitting the doors with their hinges at the bottom (and not at the top, as Ral Partha's photo shows them) because doors opening to the top are, well, very rare. Also, if you want a door open, I suggest treating the side door as a sliding one, as I have a feeling it will break off every other game should you glue it on as if it were hinged. The kit has hardly any interior detail, like benches and lockers; there is some, but not enough in my opinion. I made some benches from spare parts of 1:35th scale model kits (it helps, being a modeller as your other hobby :)
All that said, it's a neat little model; it's somewhat small compared to vehicles by other manufacturers, but its hollow interior makes up for that. It's not cheap, but it's well-made and a good addition to a collection of Shadowrun figures.
Notes: In the kit I bought, the left-hand side of the hull was missing; after I e-mailed Ral Partha about this, they rectified it by sending me the missing part right away; good customer service, in my opinion.
With some work, it should not be too difficult to modify this vehicle into another RoadMaster or MobMaster variant, something I'm planning on trying someday.

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