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7319: Double Exposure Edytuj

Released: 1994
Authors: Fraser Cain & Nigel D. Findley
ISBN: 1-55560-240-1
Pages: 64
Edition: Second (with Rigger Black Book vehicle stats)
Status/Availability: in print/uncommon
Plot: Project Hope is a relief effort for the people of the Redmond Barrens, providing a number of camps where the homeless can get food, shelter, and medical aid. Too bad it's the Universal Brotherhood who set it up (but this is not general knowledge), and are using the project to breed insect spirits. Renraku Computer Systems is also involved, using the homeless as test subjects without knowing of the UB's involvement. The UCAS FBI is investigating Renraku's activities in the camps, and they hire the PCs to infiltrate.
Double Exposure is actually three separate runs. In the first two (which are very short), the PCs are hired by the FBI (without knowing it) to commit some crimes that the FBI tapes. This gives the Feds material to blackmail the runners into accepting the true job, namely to dig up information that Renraku is breaking the law in the Project Hope camps. They must blend in with the homeless to get inside, and once there—without their usual equipment and contacts to fall back on, of course—find out what's going on. To make things worse, Renraku is planning to pull out, and Aztechnology wants to steal the research data before they do. On top of that, the Environmental Protection Agency also has an interest in the project due to a new water purification system being used in the camps. All of these organizations will eventually collide, with the runners caught in the middle...
Thoughts: This is another adventure I haven't run or played, only read through, but it looks like a pretty good adventure to me. However, it also looks quite complex, so the gamemaster should know very well what's going on and who is doing what to whom at which time. This could make it a difficult adventure to GM, so I don't think it's very suitable as a first adventure. Still, with some experience it could be a good run.
Additional Thoughts by Mark Steedman: To put it simply, the Universal Brotherhood round 2, well as if the back cover didn't indicate that. This is an adventure for experienced gamemasters and characters, who know about bugs. Fairly tough characters are required but the adventure will be solved by sneaking about and not getting noticed by the opposition. Unlike nearly any other adventure the NPCs are tough enough to cause experienced characters serious trouble in a stand up fight, and the final showdown will have you thinking of a scene out of a film that if mentioned would make experienced players run. However the adventure certainly can be done quite reasonably. The two intro's are good, though I would replace DocWagon™ with a competitor if any PCs have DocWagon™ contacts or they may very sensibly turn it down as not worth the risk. Finally note that originally this adventure was "how the UCAS FBI found out about bugs and therefore started the cleanup that lead to the events in the novel Burning Bright and hence Bug City," so beware of the timeline or carefully rewrite a few bits, though if you never used this in the first place that's easy, just the FBI finding out about bugs does not matter.

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Survey Rating: 6.4 (13 votes)

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