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Small unit combat rules set includes 2 books, 8 maps, counters, and stands.
DMZ - Downtown Militarized Zone (1990)
Author: Tom Dowd
Hardcover (październik 1990)
Publisher: Fasa
Language: English
ISBN: 1555601324
Number: 7111 [1-55560-132-4]
Price: $30.00
Pages: 72 in the rulebook, 46 in the archetypes book

Sections: Rulebook: Game Stuff, Preparing to Play, Sequence of Play, Movement and Actions, Basic Combat, Magic, Motorcycles, Critters, Shadowrunning, Playing the Game, Timeline, Weapons Table

Overview: Ever played BattleTroops? Liked it? Then DMZ should prove easy enough to learn: DMZ is BattleTroops with Shadowrun-knobs on, plain and simple. It uses dots for movement purposes (by spending a certain amount of Movement Points, you can move to the next dot), and also uses those dots to find weapon and magic ranges. The whole BattleTroops game system has been overhauled to include typical Shadowrun things like magic, critters, motorcycles, and some more of that stuff, but underneath the glitter it’s still the BattleTroops system. That’s OK, I like BattleTroops, but for Shadowrun I somehow feel it doesn’t come out really right. The system is 2D6-based, instead of the hands-full-of-D6s-based Shadowrun rules, and includes rules to convert your Shadowrun character to DMZ. What it doesn’t do is give rules to convert it back, so if you do take your Shadowrun character into DMZ, prepare to spend a lot of time figuring out exactly how wounded (s)he comes out. Anyways, the rules themselves are suitable for what they try to do: you can speed up combat by playing DMZ instead of Shadowrun. As soon as you’re used to them of course, but they’re not very hard to learn anyway. Still, I had expected a bit more, really.

By the way, the Archetypes book is nothing more than all Shadowrun archetypes (from first edition Shadowrun and Sprawl Sites) converted to DMZ stats, plus a few added extra ones. It also has four scenarios to start you off.

Rating: 3.7

Comment: "DMZ is a playable but not terribly exciting tactical wargame. We didn’t find it at all usable for roleplaying as its results are strikingly different from the roleplaying combat system’s and much more lethal. A combat-optimized DMZ character looks quite different from an optimized SR character, and each will die in the others’ environment. The damage-track system can be adapted, though (my SR-based homebrew used it)."

Notes: In addition to a rulebook and an archetypes book, the box contains 2 large (approx. 55 x 85 cm) gray maps with a white dot pattern; 7 small (about 28 x 42 cm) full-color maps with overprinted dot pattern; 1 large (same as size as gray maps) full-color map, also overprinted with a dot pattern; 16 plastic figure stands; two six-sided dice; and 4 sheets with cardboard counters representing characters, smoke, doors, firing arcs, etc. The weapon stats are conversions from first edition Shadowrun weapons, so no Fields of Fire guns are included, and the weapons don’t always match the second edition weapon stats.



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