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Downtown Seattle is where things are happening. The hub of the metroplex, this district is the home of many of the major corporations and government factions likely to employ shadowrunners. Downtown also has the plex’s trendiest nightclubs and places to see and be seen.

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  • AAA: Matthews Beach
  • AA: Inverness, North Beach, Richmond Highlands
  • A: Aurora Village, Greenwood (some sections), Loyal Heights, Northgate (some sections)
  • B: Greenwood (some sections), Northgate (some sections), Riverton (some sections)
  • C: Bitter Lake, Riverton (some sections)

Central Downtown Edytuj

  • AAA: Alki, Fauntleroy, Madison Park, Madrona Park, Magnolia Bluff, Upper Queen Anne Hill
  • AA: Ballard, First Hill, Montlake, Mount Baker, Lower Queen Anne Hill, West Seattle, Windermere
  • A: Beacon Hill, Central (some sections), Elven District, Georgetown, Interbay (some sections), International District, Rainier Valley, University District, Westwood
  • B: Central (some sections), Capitol Hill, Columbia (some sections), Interbay (some sections), Laurel Hurst, Van Asselt (some sections)
  • C: Columbia (some sections), Ravenna, Van Asselt (some sections)

South Downtown Edytuj

  • AAA: Bryn Mawr, Sea-Tac (Sea-Tac rating for Metroplex Guard and UCAS military)
  • AA: Arbor Heights, Normandy Park
  • A: Des Moines, Kent, White Center
  • B: Sea-Tac (for the area outside the airport proper, patrolled by Lone Star only)
  • C: Tukwila

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  • A Little Bit O’ Saigon - Small restaurant, Vietnamese cuisine, ties with the Red and Yellow Seoulpa Ring
  • Big Rhino - Large restaurant, ork cuisine
  • Cafe Sport - Medium restaurant, seafood and Salish dishes
  • Damian’s - Large “meat-and-potatoes” family restaurant, Humanis Policlub ties
  • Elliot’s - Large restaurant, French-soy cuisine, bias against humans (just not exotic enough)
  • Glass Onion - Large restaurant, Japanese cuisine
  • Gravity Bar - Medium restaurant, Manhattan cuisine, trendy and expensive
  • Gray Line, The - Large restaurant, sits in Puget Sound, with a glass wall showing underwater during high tide
  • Green Village - Medium restaurant, Chinese cuisine
  • Icarus Descending - Medium restaurant, high class elven cuisine, ties to the Triads T
  • Knutson’s Country Home - Medium restaurant, 20th century all-natural cuisine
  • Lee Chee Garden - Small restaurant, Chinese cuisine. The owner, Eric Wong, is rumored to be a sorcerer.
  • Ling Ho - Medium restaurant, Chinese/Japanese cuisine, controlled by the Yakuza
  • Marcus’ Hovel - Medium restaurant, fine seafood
  • Miner’s Landing - Medium restaurant, Seattle historical dinner threater
  • Murphy’s Law - Small bar/restaurant, seedy and disreputable but serves great pizza
  • Nukit Burgers - The first of many Nukit Burgers in Seattle
  • Nyen Lang - Medium restaurant, Tibetan and Mongolian cuisine, features a nightly magic show
  • Ohgi-Ya - Medium restaurant, Chinese cuisine, Yakuza controlled
  • Other Place, The - Oldest and most popular four star restaurant in Seattle
  • Pink Door - Fast food, small bar located next to a bakery serving meat pies, gyoza, eclairs and cakes
  • Reno’s - Medium restaurant, Sioux, Pueblo and Aztlan cuisine. The owner, Reno Pyatt, is a former combat biker.
  • Run Run Shaw’s - Medium restaurant, Chinese cuisine, Yakuza controlled
  • Tam’s Under the Needle - Small restaurant, no-frills, in the shadow of the Space Needle
  • THE Sports Bar - Medium restaurant, best sports bar in the metroplex, Mafia controlled

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W Śródmieściu Seattle można znaleźć tuzin szpitali i klinik. Największe to Harborview, Seattle Health Maintenance Organization, Seattle General, DocWagon, MCT Public Health oraz University Hospital. Można tu też znaleźć sporą ilość legalnych body shopów takich jak Executive Body Enhancements, Nightengale’s Body Parts oraz butiki Body+Tech, oraz nielegalnych (np. Fast Freddie’s Surgery w dokach).

>>>>>[ Nightengale’s Body Parts is a private hospital that used to belong to Fuchi. Novatech runs the place now; it’s got a cutting-edge enhancement clinic used by the corp’s own people and anyone Richard Villiers happens to favor. They can do some wizzer mods, though I suspect the quality of resources isn’t what it used to be. Last I heard, Nightengale’s was the place to go if you had the cred and the connections.]<<<<<
- Doc U-Dub

>>>>>[ Some of the docs at Seattle General make a little extra cred slipping body parts out the back door, to what are rumored to be Yakuza dealers. The parts find their way mostly to Fast Freddie’s, usually via the First Nations gang. Lone Star has broken up this twisted black market at least twice, but as long as demand exists, someone will find a way to renew the supply.]<<<<<
- Nuyen Nick

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