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10666: Dragons of the Sixth World[]

Ilość stron: 208
ISBN: 3-89064-666-2
EAN: 9783890644
Wydawca: Rob Boyle
Autorzy: Steve Kenson, Jon Szeto, Robyn King-Nitschke i inni
Okładka: Marc Sasso

Ze strony :

Dragons of the Sixth World 
Dodał: Andrzej 'ShadEnc' Stój

Dragons of the Sixth World jest suplementem przeznaczonym do wykorzystania z trzecią edycją systemu
Shadowrun. Opisuje w najdrobniejszych szczegółach cykl życiowy, biologię, magię oraz kulturę smoków, jak
również ich sługi i sprzymierzeńców. Podano informacje na temat najsłynniejszych wielkich smoków oraz
wzmianki na temat tuzina innych.
Tytuł: Dragons of the Sixth World 
Linia wydawnicza: Shadowrun
Autorzy: Eleanor Holmes, Robyn King-Nitschke, Stephen Kenson, James Maliszewski, Peter Millholland,
Jon Szeto, Chad Huffman, Peter Taylor, Elissa Carey, Dan Grendell, Lars Blumenstein, Tobias Hamelmann,
Steven Ratkovich, Malik Toms, Tobias Wolter
Okładka: Marc Sasso
Ilustracje: Peter Bergting, Storn Cook, Eric Desideriu, Marko Djurdjevic, Steve Ellis, Kjell Eriksson,
Chris Lewis, Matthew Plog, Steve Prescott, Klaus Scherwinski, Charles Rouse
Wydawca: Fantasy Productions
Miejsce wydania: USA
Data wydania: 2003
Liczba stron: 208
ISBN-10: 3-89064-666-2
Numer katalogowy: FPR 10666
Oprawa: miękka
Wymiary: 210 x 285 mm
Cena: 24,99 USD


Shadowrun: Dragons of the Sixth World from Wiz Kids / FanPro is a background heavy, rules light, supplement for Shadowrun, Third Edition. The book presents an extended look at dragons and their impact on the Shadowrun world. For a retail cost of $24.99 USD, you get a 208 page softcover book with a full color, glossy cover and black and white interior art.


Dragons of the Sixth World is written as a series of archive records transmitted to the reader by Captain Chaos, the sysop of the Shadowland data haven. These records are often interrupted by various background personalities, adding their own personal views on the information at hand. The style is very similar to something you might read in an online newsgroup thread. The gamemaster is left to decide how much of the information presented in these interjections is truthful in his or her specific campaign. The book’s content is organized into four main sections: Dragon Download, great dragon biographies (the 10 chapters titled by the great dragons names plus the chapter on the Draco Foundation), A Nest of Serpents (brief blurbs about sixteen other known dragons), and Game Information.

- Dragon Download Dragons in Shadowrun play a role similar to gods and demi-gods in a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. They are few, powerful, mysterious, and generally behind many of the world’s affairs if you dig deep enough. This initial section of the book provides an overview of dragon biology, life cycle, customs, servants, and magic.

- Great Dragon Biographies The next eleven chapters of the book are dedicated to ten of the most well known great dragons and the Draco Foundation. The history, agenda, area of operations, enemies and allies of each of the dragons is covered in detail in their chapter.

- A Nest of Serpents This section covers sixteen more dragons. There are brief anecdotes about some less visible and overtly active adult and great dragons. Several are new additions to the Shadowrun world.

- Game Information This final section of the book provides the rules additions. Gamemasters get a wealth of information here regarding dragon powers, dragon combat, and how to use dragons in gameplay. Additionally, there are tips for each for how to work each of the detailed great dragons above and the Draco Foundation into your campaigns as employers or adversaries. Finally, there are rules for drakes, (magically created miniature dragons with the ability to assume human or metahuman form), including rules for drakes as player characters.


I am a firm believer that you can’t have too much dragon art. Wiz Kids / FanPro got it right with this book. Ninety percent of the included artwork is, as you would expect from the book’s title, dragons. All of the illustrations are high quality and well selected for the area of the book they are in. Also, in case you wondered, the problems I had with the pages breaking loose from the binding of The Sprawl Survival Guide were not repeated here. Dragons of the Sixth World is a noticeably thicker book at 208 pages and I had no problems with loose pages after a thorough reading. Finally, who is this book really a good value for? Well, as much as I enjoyed it as just background reading, I can’t really recommend it to most players. The information is very interesting, but does not have much applicability from a player’s viewpoint. However, that is completely not the case from a gamemaster’s view. The information in this book could be the source of almost limitless plot hooks and campaign ideas. The great dragons are the puppet masters of many of the most intricate and interesting plots in Shadowrun, and Dragons of the Sixth World makes them accessible devices for any gamemaster.

Dragons[] Kliknij


Dunkelzahn: The Mass-Media Dragon by Tom Dowd (Originally from Dragon Magazine - Issue #199)