20-526: Dwarf Street Gang Edytuj

Price: unknown
Figures: 4
Parts: 4
Author: D. Summers
Publish Date: 1991
Overview: I really wish Partha would produce a set of useful, believable dwarfs. The ones in this set are fine as far as sculpting and detail are concerned, but clothing-wise it's a different story... But let's start with what you actually get in the blister pack: one female and three male dwarfs, all gang members (according to the set's title), but obviously a from a poser gang. Of the three males, one is wearing a World War II German officer's uniform complete with monocle and cigarette holder, the second what appears to be a First World War German soldier's uniform with Pickelhaube (spiked helmet) and a flame thrower on his back, and the third looks like a Hell's Angel with a German WWII helmet, stick grenade, and gas mask cannister in addition to the Sandler TMP submachine gun he's aiming. The female dwarf is the only one who's sort of usable as any other kind of character, as she's wearing a short dress, a jacket, and a beret, but she is holding a big chain saw and has a look on her face that would make trolls run away... I don't quite know what to make of this set, as on the one hand it's well-produced, but on the other it is just a bit too ridiculous to actually use in a serious game.

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