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European Computer & Cybertechnology or ECC Eurotronics was founded as an answer to Asian dominance in the computer and electronics markets (Renraku, MCT, Shiawase). Several European corporations united to create a counterweight. Against those opponents ECC fights hard, using all legal and quasi-legal means available. It also competes with Aztechnology on the European market of personal electronic appliances.

Eurotronics is a consortium: it is a corporation, incorporated and headquartered in Turin, Italy, whose shareholders (also called "consortium members") are the European electronic manufacturer who conduce business together.

Consortium members[]

  • Alcatel-Nokia
  • Consumer Electronics Amalgamated (Philips, Polaris, Xenon)
  • Gemsys
  • Siemens-Nixdorf

In the past years, nearly all of the members of the Eurotronics Consortium passed under the direct or indirect control of one of the Prime Megacorporations: Alcatel-Nokia is controlled by Cross Applied Technologies and Erika, Gemsys by Novatech, and Siemens-Nixdorf and CEA by Saeder-Krupp (Siemens-Nixdorf being previously affiliated to Fuchi). The arrival of S-K in particular had a big impact, the megacorporation's maneuvers to manipulate the consortium making several of its business partners leave.

Major Subsidiaries[]

Cyberdynamix is ECC's Matrix branch. While its products are generally less advanced than their Asian equivalents they are quite durable and notably cheaper.

Differences between US and German material[]

Eurotronics was first introduced by the german sourcebook Deutschland in der Schatten translated in english under the title Germany with no discernable alteration concerning this corporation (page 61). Later, details in the american sourcebook Corporate Download (page 87) imply Eurotronics has a consortium stricture, while some other from german sourcebook Deutschland in der Schatten II implies just the opposite. American sourcebook Shadows of Europe follows Corporate Download and clearly states that Eurotronics is a consortium (pages 15,22,23 and 24).