The Eighty-Eights are by far the most modern Triad in Seattle. Though they hold to traditional Triad organization and initiation rites and are still largely Chinese in membership, they’ve dropped several traditional taboos about technology and cyberware to better compete with the yakuza. The Eighty-Eights are heavily involved in gambling and vice in Everett, Bellevue and parts of Puyallup.

The leader of the Eighty-Eights is Rick Wu, a thirdgeneration Chinese-American with little use for the syndicate’s mystical mumbo-jumbo. Wu styles himself a businessman more than a mystic leader and looks more like a slick, modern yakuza kobun or mafioso than a traditional member of a Chinese gang. He and his people make heavy use of cyberware and other implants.

The Eighty-Eights have forged an alliance with the Tigers, Seattle’s largest Asian gang. Far more mystical than their Triad allies, the Tigers are led by an adept named Tiger’s Breath. His main lieutenants are Dragoneyes, an Asian male adept with some magical skills, and Tiger Claw, an Asian female adept. The gang numbers around fifty members, many of whom are also adepts practicing different martial arts.

> The Tigers are just as fierce as their name suggests. They believe that when the Triads dominate the metroplex, their magic will raise those of their gang who’ve died and create the ultimate army. The gangers are fearless and willing to kill or die for their syndicate bosses.

> Corin

> Dragon-eyes has freaky eyes—all solid white with no iris or pupil, that glow faintly when he does magic. He’s not blind, though. He sees just fine. Better than most people, in fact. Rumors say he’s actually an eastern dragon in human form, or the offspring of a dragon in human form and a human woman.

> Nightwind

> Tiger Claw is some kind of ninja-assassin. She’s responsible for the deaths of no less than five yakuza members while they slept soundly in their own homes.

> Hopalong Chang

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