Cerberus (w matrycy)
?Neurosis (w matrycy)
TypAdult Western Dragon
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Eliohann is an Adult Western Dragon who is the only known dragon to have a functioning datajack, and is able to access the Matrix using it. He is described as having malchite-green scales. He often appears on the Matrix as a silver three-headed mastiff with glowing green eyes, under the obvious name of "Cerberus". It is also rumored that he masquerades as another icon known as "Neurosis", and that he has a multiple-personality disorder from his experiences on the Matrix.

He first awakened in 2047, and spent most of his time then exploring the mountains of Sinsearach and Tir Tairngire. He was captured by a group of shadowrunners working for the corporation called Emerging Futures, a subsidiary of Ares Macrotechnology. He was a subject for the corporation's "Project Cerberus", which sought to expose paranormal animals to the Matrix, culminating in the implantation of a datajack. His first experience with the Matrix in full simsense was apparently traumatic, but he recovered and was convinced by Ares to become the head researcher of Emerging Futures. Transys Neuronet first learned of him in 2057, and subsequently bought Emerging Futures from Ares in 2063. He has close relations and interests with the dragon Celedyr.

During the Matrix Crash 2.0, Eliohann flatlined, as he was in the East Coast Stock Exchange when Deus took control. It is not known whether or not he survived the experience, or if his consciousness was recorded as a Ghost in the Machine.

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