• Leader: Libby Chalmers

The newest player in the Seattle political arena, the Empowerment Coalition started out as a women’s-rights group founded by former presidential candidate Anne Penchyk. When a provision of Dunkelzahn’s will established the multi-mullion nuyen Timmons Memorial Fund, Penchyk became its director and brought the Coalition under the Timmons umbrella. Now the organization, funded by Timmons, acts as a civil-rights lobby and policlub throughout the UCAS.

Penchyk’s stated goal for the Coalition is to bring other like-minded policlubs and political organizations under the Coalition umbrella, backed by the Memorial Fund. Already the Coalition has been helping groups like ORC and Mothers of Metahumans get a stronger foothold in Seattle. They’re attracting attention from other civil-rights groups in the area, including the North American Civil Liberties Union, the National Association for the Advancement of the Awakened and Outright, a gay rights organization.

> Seattle EC director Libby Chalmers is one tough lady. She worked with Mothers of Metahumans for years to encourage understanding and compassion for metas after her troll daughter was killed during the Night of Rage. She didn’t seek the limelight. She was always softspoken and efficient, but utterly dauntless. Ol’ Libby could face down Kenneth Brackhaven himself if she needed to.

> Riot Grrrl

> Chalmers certainly is forceful, especially since she hooked up with the Coalition. Directing their operations in Seattle seems to have given her newfound strength and energy. From what I’ve heard, she did face down Brackhaven when he not-so-subtly informed her that the Coalition wasn’t wanted in Seattle. I’ve also heard that Chalmers is more than willing to spend Coalition money on shadowrunners when there’s a need.

> Wraith II

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