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At a glance[]

Everett is similar to its “sister city,” Tacoma. Both are important ports with busy waterfronts, and are also important centers of organized crime in Seattle. Everett is more under the control of the Mafia, and sees considerable smuggling activity by land and sea. The district is also home to one of Seattle’s larger-scale gang conflicts, the war between the Choson Ring and the First Nations. In addition, Everett houses the UCAS Naval Shipyard, making the district a hotbed of old-fashioned military espionage.

Lone Star Security Ratings[]

  • AAA: Meadowdale, Norma Beach
  • AA: Alderwood Manor, Beverly Park, Edmonds, Mukilteo
  • A: Darlington (some areas), Federated Boeing (Housing areas), Mill Creek (some areas), Nelson’s Corner (some areas)
  • B: Darlington (some areas), Everett Yards (not government controlled), Lynnwood, Mill Creek (some areas), Nelson’s Corner (some areas), Perrinville
  • C: Casino Corner, Fairmount, Intercity, Old Everett
  • D: Lowell, Keeler’s Corner, Pinehurst



Bars & Nightclubs[]


Government Buildings[]

  • Darrington Correction Facilities - Maximum security prison
  • Everett District Courthouse - Courthouse complex
  • Everett District Hall - Government offices
  • Seattle Ferry Terminal - The seedy bars near the terminal are often hangouts for local street muscle


Medical Facilities[]