Main Gates: Rucker Avenue and Pacific Avenue

The Everett Naval Shipyards were built in the 1990s as the home port of a carrier battlegroup and a shipyard capable of repairing and resupplying United States naval vessels. The yards brought hundreds of jobs into the region and stimulated Everett’s economy, but the events of the Awakening and the Ghost Dance War cast the future of the shipyards in doubt. The shipyard was in decline for decades, and in the late 2030s a shutdown looked likely.

In 2042, the UCAS Congress passed the Military Improvements Act, and the Everett Shipyards and the Fort Lewis army base became the focus for the refurbishment of UCAS military facilities in the Seattle metroplex. Currently, the shipyards are home to a UCAS nuclear carrier battlegroup based around the supercarrier USS Koontz, under the command of Rear Admiral Jennifer McNair. Occasionally, a Salish-Shidhe cutter docks at the shipyards for repairs in accordance with the Treaty of Denver and agreements between the SSC Defense Force and the Seattle metroplex.

> The UCAS Navy and the Salish-Shidhe Council have had some differences over the years, but no major incidents. If anything, the UCAS has more trouble from corporateowned warships infringing on military security in and around the shipyards, like a few years back when the Aztechnology ship Tezcatlipoca demanded the right to dock at the shipyard for repairs and was refused by the base commander, because UCAS regulations prohibit corporate warships from using federal facilities. There was some serious concern that the Azzies would respond by lobbing some shells at the Navy, but after a few tense hours, the Tezcatlipoca turned around and headed home.

> Cracker

> That’s because the Azzies weren’t really interested in docking, Cracker, old chum. They just wanted to get close enough to deploy some new undersea microdrones near the shipyards to keep an eye on things and see how much they could push the UCAS Navy around. It was months before the Navy found out about the little spies hanging around the port, burst-transmitting data to Aztechnology satellites, and several more weeks before they found and disabled all of them.

> Nightrunner

> The shipyards are a hotbed of UCAS military activity and espionage against the UCAS. The Salish-Shidhe keep close tabs on the shipyard and the naval vessels docked there, and so do agents of the California Free State, the Japanese Imperial State (as if there’s a difference between the two), Aztlan and Tsimshian. The FBI recently rounded up some members of a spy ring operating out of the Everett yards that was selling UCAS secrets to the Japanese. It’s activites like these that make people of our professions so valuable in the Seattle area.

> Cap’n Silver

> The Japanese are jumpy about Everett because it’s the only UCAS Navy base on the Pacific Coast, and therefore the logical staging point should the UCAS ever decide to forcibly re-integrate California and/or kick the Japanese out of San Francisco. If the battlegroup in Seattle so much as twitches, the Japanese want to know about it.

> Berzerkley

> They’ve got nothing to worry about. The UCAS is having enough trouble holding on to Seattle, much less considering reunification with California.

> Findler-Man

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