Shadowrun Multiplayer

[edit] Races [edit] Human

See: Shadowrun Human See: Shadorun Human Builds

The main strength of the Human is that he has no weaknesses. He isn’t the slowest of the races, or the weakest, or the easiest target. But he also does not have the more amazing abilities of the other races to fall back on as well.

What Humans do have is an aptitude for technology hard won after five thousand years of struggling without magic. Humans take no essence penalty for tech abilities. While an elf, by example, has a much higher base essence than a human, if both the elf and the human used a wide variety of tech abilities, the human's essence pool would not be touched. The elf, on the other hand, would have his essence pool devastated.

Another advantage humans bring to the table is a side effect of the prejudice that metahumans find in the workplace. To put it simply, humans have more money. When a human enters a match he begins with more to spend than the other races.

Humans are capable of filling any role in a battle. Be it scout, sniper, frontal assault, or defense; the human is more than capable of filling it. They pay for that by not excelling at any of them.

  * Strengths: No essence penalty for tech, greater starting money
  * Weaknesses: None

[edit] Elf

See: Shadowrun Elf

Elves, like the Trolls, are a race of extremes. They are the fastest of the races, enabling them to move in and out of combat effectively. This is especially important when combined with the elven ability self heal. When an elf is out of combat they heal over time, eventually regaining full health.

This makes the elf an extremely effective fast strike troop. A well played elf is very good at getting into combat, getting in a couple strikes then getting out and healing up. Healing takes essence though, so if the elf has no essence then he has no healing either.

This is important because while elves excel at fast strike combat they are not shock troops. Elves have the lowest maximum health of any race and so, all other things being equal, the Elf will usually lose a straight up fight.

The light elven build also causes issues when carrying heavy weapons. Elves are slowed down much more than the other races when carrying large weapons. This can not only eliminate the elven speed advantage but is sever enough where an elf with a minigun is actually the slowest race/weapon combination possible.

The primary rule as an elf is to stay moving at all times. If an elf lets someone get a bead on him he will soon be shouting for a resurrect.

  * Strengths: High movement speed, self healing, fast essence regeneration, high essence
  * Weaknesses: Low strength, low health,

[edit] Troll

See: Shadowrun Troll

Trolls are hard to ignore and easy to hit. When you’re nine feet in height, wider than most humans are tall, covered with dermal armor and mounting a pair of horns your head you tend to stand out. Luckily there is no race harder to kill than a troll.

Not only does a troll start with more health than any other race, they also have the ability to harden. As a troll takes damage, the bony armor on his body expands, protecting him more. Basically the more you hurt a troll, the harder it is to hurt the troll. In a troll on troll katana fight, by shooting the opposing troll with an SMG, you are making the other troll invincible. The hardening goes away over time and it does use the troll’s essence so there are ways around it, but if you just charge a troll shooting, you will usually end up dead with a troll standing over your broken corpse.

Trolls are, not shockingly, the slowest race, but they take no penalty for carrying heavy weapons. A troll with a rocket launcher moves just as fast as a troll with a pistol. And there are few things scarier than a troll with a rocket launcher.

  * Strengths: High Health, Hardening, high strength
  * Weaknesses: Low movement speed, big target, vulnerable to essence drain

[edit] Dwarf

See: Shadowrun Dwarf

Dwarves are short, sturdy, and are the most magical of all races on the battlefield. Their comparatively low movement speed and relatively low health make them best-suited to take a support role, but are still significant threats in combat.

Being highly magical, the Dwarf is able to use more magical abilities than any other race, making it easier for him to fully utilize essence-heavy abilities such as Resurrect, Summon, and Strangle. While he has a higher maximum essence than any other race, he is limited by having a much lower essence regeneration rate. This means that while he can use more magic abilities in a short period of time, the Dwarf must wait longer before casting again if he runs out of essence.

The Dwarf is able to quickly leech magical essence from any creature or summoned object near him. By standing close to anything with magical essence, the Dwarf will automatically leech it away to his own essence pool. This can leave enemy soldiers without a means to Teleport away, Trolls unable to Harden, and will destroy summoned objects like a Minion or Strangle.

While a Dwarf is usually not a frontline hit-and-run fighter like the Elf, he is quite able to hold his own in combat, as his smaller profile makes him a hard to hit target and his natural resistance to taking critical damage from headshots makes up for his slightly lower than average health.

  * Strengths: Most essence of all races, essence leech, headshot resistance  
  * Weaknesses: Low essence regeneration

[edit] Maps [edit] Lobby

Competitive Map Strategies:

See: Shadowrun Map: Lobby [edit] Nerve Center

Competitive Map Strategies: [edit] Pinnacle

Competitive Map Strategies: [edit] Maelstrom

Competitive Map Strategies: [edit] Power Station

Competitive Map Strategies: [edit] Poco

Competitive Map Strategies: [edit] Dig Site

Competitive Map Strategies: [edit] Favela

Competitive Map Strategies: [edit] Temple Grounds

Competitive Map Strategies: [edit] Weapons [edit] SMG

Cost: 500 Additional Ammo Cost: 100 [edit] Rifle

Cost: 500 Additional Ammo Cost: 100 [edit] Shotgun

Cost 750 Additional Ammo Cost: 100 [edit] Katana

Cost: 1000 Even though no additional ammunition can be purchased for this weapon, $100 is subtracted from your total at the beginning of the round if you still have it.

The troll is especially effective with the katana, as he has a higher strength. This means he can kill elves, humans, and dwarves in only two hits. Katanas are also effective against trolls, as trolls don't harden from katana attacks.

Katanas can cause a player to start "bleeding out" when hit with one. To do this, you must have the katana out and hit a person from behind while a white question mark is above their head, which indicates that they are not aware of you. Dwarves are never unaware, and as such cannot start bleeding out from a katana attack. [edit] Mini Gun

Cost: 1250 Additional Ammo Cost: 100

The Minigun, in the hands of a smart troll or dwarf is definitely a force to be reckoned with. This weapon has very weak bullets but it fires so quickly, theres not much you can do against it. The Minigun takes a while to warm up before it can fire, making it useful to use with wired reflex or teleport, as you can start warming it up then teleport. As the minigun is very spray and pray oriented, it is smart to use smartlink so it is more accurate and you can't hit teammates. This weapon is also sometimes smart to use with Enhanced Vision, giving you more time to warm up the Minigun before your target calms from around a corner. [edit] Rocket Launcher

Cost: 5000 Additional Ammo Cost: 1000 [edit] Magic [edit] Tree of Life

Cast: 3 Cost: 2000 Recast: 28

The tree of life is one of the strongest buys in the game, any race, even an elf, can benefit from this powerful spell. In fact the strength of this spell is such that playing without it is like playing with handicap for many races. When casted, the Tree of Life spell creates a small round seed that flies forward. After a set amount of time depending upon when the seed hits a surface or not, a tree will come into existence. The tree heals a character's health at a fixed rate depending upon your distance from the tree and your movement. The Tree of Life is indifferent of what team the player is on, and will heal anyone. [edit] Resurrect

Cost: 2000

When casted, Resurrect creates a glowing circle around your character which will bring a player back to life, or stop a player from bleeding out. Without karma in play, a single successful Resurrect (no matter the amount of players affected) will cost the player four reserved essence slots. You cannot Resurrect a player who has you resurrected. If you die after being resurrected without karma in play, your body is gone until the end of the round. [edit] Gust

Cost: 2000

Gust creates a cone of wind that jets out in front of the caster. The cone of wind will eventually dissipate after travelling far enough.

Many uses for gust:

1. Gusting a player in general to prevent movement, force a teleport, prevent spellcasting, or increase reticle bloom.

2. Gusting a grenade or Anti-magic Generator to make it go faster/further.

3. Gusting a player in smoke to damage or kill them, and get them out of smoke.

4. Gusting away a player or minion trying to get close.

5. Gusting to prevent falling damage by casting straight down before impact.

6. Gusting dead bodies off of ledges, or weapons and bodies away from each other.

7. Gusting downward to get a boost for a glide or jump. [edit] Smoke

Cost: 2000

When activated, the player cannot be hurt with anything except the Artifact and gust. Your essence slowly goes down when activated. Your essence regenerates slower with smoke mapped, and it is harder for those with enhanced vision to see you. The Dwarf cannot regenerate essence with smoke mapped. Keep in mind that there is a cooldown time of about 3 seconds after you cancel smoke, in which you cannot shoot, pick up the artifact or weapons, or activate magic or tech. [edit] Strangle

Cost: 2000 [edit] Summon

Cast: 4 Cost: 3000 Reserve: 4

Casting Summon calls forth a minion which will attempt to kill your enemies. This minion will choose to kill other minions before attacking players, thus, the minion is a strong counter against other minions. There are several basic summon tactics which will allow your summon to help the game. The first and most obvious is the distraction summon, when you use this summon you constantly recast summon in positions which cause it to immediately head towards your enemy. Depending on your opponents reaction you can make a coordinated move to make use of your minion. Another way to use the minion is as a flanker. You set the minion up to head behind your enemies and than move so that assuming they face you and back into secure positions, your minion will attack them from the side. If neither of those options are to your liking, you can try and use your minion in a more defensive action. A minion which is helping to guard a corpse for example, can aid in preventing resurrections, and killing the recently unborn. One of the most important things to realize is that your minion is not perfect, it won't always go straight for your enemy,(if you want it to do that you need to train it by shooting at in public matches) so in order to get what you need out of a minion, you have to set your minion up for success by creating chaotic situations for your enemy while your summon is unseen and nearby. Don't waste your minion, if you mess up and your minion isn't going to be doing anything all game long, either force your enemies to go to your minion, or else kill it. [edit] Teleport

Cast: 3 Cost: 2250

Teleport moves you 8 meters in the direction you're traveling. You also travel slightly in the direction you're facing. If you are looking in the direction of movement, you will teleport 10 meters. You can teleport through nearly everything in the game as long as the final destination is not a solid object or out of the level's barriers. [edit] Tech [edit] Anti-magic Generator

Cost: 1500 [edit] Wired Reflexes

Cost: 2000

Wired Reflexes is a tech that does exactly what it sounds like. With wired reflexes mapped your players moves faster and, paired with a katana, can also block bullets when facing the shooter. You also reload faster. Those are the passive effects.

When you actually trigger Wired Reflexes, your character dashes with a burst of speed. This is a good tactic to use when chasing down someone or trying to avoid combat. The downside to this burst of speed is that it damages you, and can kill you when your health is low. Wired Reflexes is mostly used by trolls to compensate for their low movement speed, slow minigun reload, and to chase people with a katana or shotgun. [edit] Glider

Cost: 2000

Often thought of as useless in competetive play, the glider grants you the ability to take off from the ground and glide in the air. The glider can be combined with gust to allow longer glides. At the peak of a glide deactivating and reactivating the glider can allow a player to glide farther. Being hit by gust while gliding will deactivate the glider. The glider s gliding function can be used to prevent you from taking damage when you hit the ground after a long fall. [edit] Enhanced Vision

Cost: 2000 Often the human's first round choice, this allows you to see all enemies and teammates located within 60 meters of you. You cannot see people with smoked mapped unless they are near you. [edit] Shadowrun MLG Gametypes/Settings [edit] Attrition [edit] Extraction [edit] Strategies [edit] Aiming System

The aiming system in Shadowrun makes use of a reticle "bloom". As you shoot any weapon, the accuracy of your next shot is decreased and your reticle "blooms" more depending on factors such as your movement, how recent your last shot was, and what type of weapon you are using.

The different races have different max move speed which in turn results in having better or worse levels of reticle bloom.

Reticle bloom for races, in order of greatest amount of bloom to least:

1. Elf

2. Human

3. Dwarf

4. Troll

There is also a certain level of auto-aim in Shadowrun. Using the Smartlink tech increases the "friction" and "adhesion" properties of the auto-aim, making it easier to track opponents.

Shadowrun's options allow you to change your controller's aiming sensitivity from levels "1" to "9" in the horizontal and vertical directions.

There are a few ways to "exploit" the aiming system in Shadowrun to work to your advantage. This involves doing things that make the forces on your character zero so that a projectile will shoot perfectly straight. These are the situations that will make your shot "balanced":

1. Being at the peak of a jump

2. Changing directions

3. About 1/2 a second after crouching

If you are to fire at the right time during these instances, you are able to overcome the reticle's bloom and fire a perfectly straight shot. There is much testing needed as to exactly how to make these work all the time, especially with a sniper rifle. [edit] Glitches

There are not many major glitches in Shadowrun, but there are ways to exploit the game for the player.

Healing Faster On A Tree

When you are standing near to a tree, you are healed at a rate determined by a couple of factors: your movement, and how close you are to the tree. The healing that comes from the tree is focused around where the roots are. Therefore, the best way to heal around a tree is to move around with your left stick while staying right on it. It is important that you do not go further than against the tree while moving, because your distance from the tree is the most important factor. Many people think that jumping next to a tree increases the healing, which is true, but this also forces you to commit to the jump and fall.

Swing-Sniping and Pre-Scoping

Both of these are techniques with the sniper rifle. Normally, when you are being shot (especially by an automatic weapon), you are unable to fire the sniper rifle. When you use both of these techniques, you are able to fire off a "quick-scope" shot that is unable to be cancelled by being hurt.

In order to Swing-Snipe, press the right trigger to start a melee with the sniper out, then quickly scope in with the right thumbstick either simultaneously or shortly after the melee starts. Click the right thumbstick three times to be able to Swing-Snipe again. Swing-Sniping is named for the animation that your character goes through while doing it; you will appear to be meleeing with the sniper in a swinging motion while shooting a bullet out, even though it may be touching near the ground.

In order to Pre-Scope, press and hold the right trigger. While you are holding it, a message saying that you are unable to shoot unless zoomed in will be on your screen. Then, click the right thumbstick as if you are Swing-Sniping and you will fire a shot. Pre-Scoping is named so because of how you do not need to be scoped in and can still move freely with the sniper out.

These methods are largely unused in competitive play due to the fact that they are almost the same as hitting right trigger and right thumbstick at the same time. However, there are methods that make them better than the regular method that are still not perfected. If you are to take advantage of making the forces on your character zero while doing a Swing-Snipe or Pre-Scope, you can shoot perfectly straight without having to zoom in, which is especially useful for walking around while Pre-Scoping, able to fire straight at a moment's notice. This is very difficult to do, and while known by players within the first week the game was out, are still not developed enough to be widely used.

Seeing Gun While Zoomed In

In order to do this glitch, make sure that you have a katana and a gun capable of zooming (i.e, rifle or sniper rifle). With your katana out, switch weapons and zoom immediately after the switch. If done correctly, you will be able to see your gun as you usually do while unscoped, but still have the aiming reticle as if you are scoped. This glitch can also be accomplished using smoke, but is generally more difficult to do, as you cannot try it as often as switching a weapon.

Keeping Weapons After Jumping Off Of The Map

This glitch is easy to use. Instead of losing your weapons by jumping off of the map mid-round, cast smoke before jumping off. This is useful if you know you will lose by artifact holding, being outnumbered, or losing from money earned.

Blowing Up Yourself With A Rocket

This is a glitch that happens primarily from online lag. If you fire a rocket, the rocket itself could be counted behind where you fired it, thus travelling forward and hitting you in the back. This is more likely if you are moving forward, which allows less lag to differentiate your body and the launcher. It is also more likely if you are crouched since it can hit the ground.

Bot Glitches

Bots, especially before many of the major updates, were ridden with AI glitches.

Among these glitches are:

1. Staring at a distant enemy through a wall, even though a closer threat is there.

2. Continually running back and forth, confused where to go.

3. Standing still and not doing anything.

4. Not grabbing the artifact near the end of an attrition round to secure the win.

"Hand" Glitch

This glitch involves being stuck with the character's hand out, unable to do anything but move and shoot. It is most often caused by casting a spell like Tree Of Life. To fix your hand, you must cast a spell or reload your weapon. In many cases, if you have full ammo in the one gun you have and only one spell (like in the first round) you are unable to do anything until your spell cools down if your hand is stuck. If you unmap the spell then the glitch will be broken.

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