FastJack is widely regarded as the best decker to ever live. He has achieved legendary status by sheer tenacity and longevity, and has survived countless shadowruns and challengers. Almost nothing is known about his past or his physical body, as all known files and records of him continue to mysteriously vanish. The only detail that is known is that he was born at approximately the turn of the century (exactly 1999 as it turns out), and that he is probably a Caucasian Male that lives in the UCAS.

He was using computers as young as the age of 12. In 2011, using an old Mac Firestorm, he found the message by Saeletra on Shadowland. He usually uses the main processor of that particular Mac in his decks, claiming that any "Any deck without it feels uncomfortable."

He uses several icons depending on the situation, but the one he is associated with is an ultra-high resolution humanoid that is vibrating dozens of times per second, blurring his features. It has an audible hum, and a smell of ozone lingers when he moves nearby, with blurred afterimages and trails. All of his motions are achieved with unmatched speed, resembling the comic book character "The Flash". He is also known to have another icon among those he considers as friends, a bland, but hyperrealistic, brown-haired, brown-eyed Caucasian male wearing a leather jacket and jeans.

He is well-known on the Shadowland BBS, and often contributes concise, informative, and insightful commentary on the various SIGs and articles posted on the BBS. He is well-versed in almost all aspects of the Sixth World, especially topics pertaining to the Matrix. He is known to have several enemies, including Bash, a sysop of The Denver Nexus, and several otaku who followed Deus. Also, he is often forced to endure unwanted challenges from other deckers who wish to make a name for themselves for "geeking FastJack", but to date, he has not lost a challenge yet.

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