Washington, FDC, officially the Federal District of Columbia (also known as FDC; Washington; and, historically, the Federal City) is the capital city and administrative district of the United Canadian and American States. It was previously the capital of the United States of America.

"Washington" is technically the name of the center of FDC, what was previously known as the District of Columbia (DC). The US Federal Act of 2024 created the Federal District of Columbia by extending DC borders to the counties of Montgomery, Prince Georges, Howard, Arlington, Alexandria and Fairfax. Some people still call DC (or "DeeCee") the part that lie within the limits of the old District of Columbia, while other use it for all the Federal District of Columbia, as a short form of FDC.

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(These stats consist of the entire Washington DC Sprawl, excluding the neighboring Baltimore and Philadelphia Sprawls, and the nearby city of Annapolis, MD)

 Population: 3,443,463
  Human: 52%
  Elf: 18%
  Dwarf: 9%
  Ork: 19%
  Troll: 1%
  Other: 1%
 White: 30%
  Jewish: 40%
  Irish: 8%
  Italian: 3%
  English: 7%
  German: 8%
  Azanian: 5%
  Polish: 2%
  Russian: 3%
  Scotch-Irish: 2%
  West Indian: 4%
 Black: 63%
 Hispanic: 5%
  Puerto Rican: 6%
  Aztlaner: 55%
  Cuban: 4%
  Columbian: 3%
  Peruvian: 3%
  Ecuadorian: 2%
  Dominican: 5%
 Asian: 3%
  Chinese: 27%
  Vietnamese: 7%
  Asian Indian: 14%
  Japanese: 10%
  Filipino: 18%
  Korean: 8%
  Cambodian: 1%
 Amerindian: 0%

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Washington is living by and for the UCAS government. The Federal government and the Armed Forces are indeed, the first employers in the area. Most other economic activities are related to government affairs, especially the defense and media industry. Washington is also an important center for magical research.

Major corporate presence are Ares Macrotechnology (with also Ares Arms world headquarters in nearby Baltimore) and Shiawase (with Shiawase Atomics world headquarters in Washington).

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Washington, DC

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